Winter Blues Got You Down? Oak Can Help!

Winter Blues

Whether you’re a Winter fan or not, there’s no mistaking we’re still right in the middle of this cold season. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, temps are chilly, we’re anxious for Spring, and we may notice ourselves feeling a little down. During this time of year, it’s easy to hibernate indoors and spend less time with people and less time moving our bodies. Cue the winter blues.

It’s never fun, but the good news is, it’s also not a requirement of the season. Oak Studio has your back! Come join us and put one (or all!) of these 5 tips into practice.

  1. Movement– Even if it’s cold and the couch is calling our name, moving our bodies will produce endorphins- that feel good chemical. After all, nobody ever finishes a workout and says they regret it. Show up on your yoga mat to move your body. Whether you choose a relax and restore class for very gentle movement or a sculpt class for more intense movement, getting the blood pumping will produce those endorphins. Don’t have time to make it to class one day? No problem. Movement doesn’t have to be for long. Try squeezing in a 15 minute at home gentle yoga practice when you first wake up or before you go to sleep. 
  2. Stay hydrated– When it’s cold out, sometimes the last thing we think about is drinking something cold. But keeping our water intake up keeps us hydrated and helps ward off feelings of sluggishness, thus making us feel more energized and motivated.  
  3. Sunshine– I know, you may be thinking, huh? It’s 10 degrees out and dark by the time I come home. I know, but it is still possible to catch a few minutes of sunshine. Throw on a warm coat, hat, and gloves and spend a few minutes walking around your neighborhood in the morning or your office at lunch to catch some sun rays. Or come practice at Oak on a weekend morning and feel the sun rays peek through the curtains. The few minutes of vitamin D will help boost your mood. 
  4. Embrace Hygee- This is a Danish word that essentially translates to being cozy in winter. At Oak, grab a cup of hot tea, wear your favorite warm sweater at the start of class, and enjoy a few minutes of downtime on your yoga mat before class starts. Keep the hygee going at home with a warm blanket, light your scented candle, and settle into your most comfortable spot. Add a great book and you’re all set for a bit of cozy down time. 
  5. Community– Research proves that those who are around community and feel seen, known, and supported are happier and live longer. We know it is easy to feel isolated in the Winter. Fewer people are out making plans and it is tempting to stay cooped up inside. Make a point this season to be around people. Come to class at Oak and spend your time on your yoga mat surrounded by like-minded people. Stay after class and chat with your instructor or other members. Call up an old friend to meet you for coffee or lunch. Or even just call up an old friend to chat on the phone. Whatever it is, try to still stay connected during this time of year when isolation can seem to reign.