What is Layering?


In an effort to maintain fitness, challenge ourselves, and keep things fun, we used to balance multiple studio memberships to fit in our cardio, strength, and yoga classes. We know the importance of varying up your workouts to grow and gain strength and meet your goals, but juggling that many memberships was expensive, stressful, and never allowed us to feel connected to one home studio. At Oak Studio, we offer a variety of yoga, sculpt, and bootcamp classes so any student can get a well-rounded workout (without the extra memberships!).

We created Oak to purposely combine a variety of classes under one roof. We’ve provided layering options, suggesting which type of classes may be best to take in a given week to help you meet your goals (and keep things fun, of course!). For example, let’s say you are new to yoga, sculpt, and/or bootcamp (or just fitness in general), and you’re ready to incorporate new fitness classes into your routine. It may seem intimidating learning which classes may be the best fit to get started. So, we’ve created the beginner layering option where we describe which classes help you learn the fundamentals while still challenging you a bit to give you a great workout, build your strength, and keep your week varied so you’re not bored.

Maybe your goal is to tone up. We created a layering option that recommends incorporating sculpt classes to build strength and flexibility, a FIT class to work on the larger muscle groups and your heart rate up, and yoga flows to lengthen your muscles while also allowing your muscles to restore and soak up the benefits of the strength work you’ve done during the week.

We offer a handful more of layering options on our website under Layer Your Classes. Simply select which goal best matches yours—whether it’s to slim down or destress—and read all about the suggested classes to help you meet your goal. We can’t wait to hear about which layering option you choose and how your progress is going!