Warm up with a Fika

Oak Mug-1

Ever hear of fika? Not something commonly practiced in the US, but fika is known as the Swedish coffee break. While simply a part of daily life in Sweden, it’s something we could benefit from! Taking a daily fika is not just a coffee break, it’s a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. While practicing fika, coffee is seen as a true break — a moment to sit on your own or with friends. You carve out time to appreciate the best things in life — family, friends, life, happiness, love. Whereas, here, coffee is usually seen more as a fuel for starting your day and keeping it going. We can all benefit from the ritual of fika!

Here’s where you should ask yourself, how your can incorporate a fika into your day? Well, start with intentionally setting aside a moment to savor a hot drink and tasty treat, whether alone or with friends! The important thing is eliminating distractions during your fika and just simply enjoying the break.

Enjoy your own fika with us at the studio by taking a moment to grab a seat, sip a cup of coffee, and either drink in the moment by yourself or chat with other members at our studio! Embrace the little moments!