Take a Cue from Autumn

Canva - Orange Leaf on White Surface

The change of seasons can be exciting and refreshing, but it can also feel unexpected and unsettling. Sometimes during transition from summer to fall, we can feel ungrounded.

But during this time of change, beauty can be witnessed. Leaves change colors to vibrant autumn hues, the air grows crisp, and the whispers of winter can be heard. Instead of fearing change, allow time for self-reflection. Pause, take a breath, and turn your focus inward. Reflect on what has served you and what has not.

Instead of fearing change, allow this time to be a time of action. Take a step forward to what you need more of, and let go all the rest. This can be something small, like going to bed an hour earlier to feel more rested throughout the day, or choosing to go for a walk as a family after dinner each evening. Change does not always need to be a drastic event; but rather, choosing to make small changes can lead to fulfillment.