Just Signed Up? What You Should Know Before Coming To Oak


Oak Studio is excited to offer a variety of class types from HIIT, to yoga, and yoga with weights. Hopefully you checked out our layering options on our site to help choose the classes that fit your goals.

While our classes are group fitness, the experience is really about you. Our instructors in each class will offer verbal cues to modify movements and fit the exercise to your individual needs. Also, instructors provide hands-on adjustments to allow you to feel proper alignment in a pose. However, always feel free to pass on such adjustments if you are not comfortable!

Before Class

We recommend arriving to your first class 15 minutes early, so we can get you checked in, show you around the space, help you set up your spot, and answer any questions you have. Oak Studio has conveniently placed markers on the floor so you know exactly where to put your mat. No more stressing about squeezing into a spot in a packed class!

We will make sure you are introduced to the teacher before class, and let the teacher know of any injuries or limitations you may have.

For most classes, you will only need a yoga mat, water, and a hand towel. Forgot your mat? No problem! Borrow one of ours for free. No water? We have bottled water for sale in the studio. Shoes are not worn in the yoga classes or sculpt flow classes, but if you signed up for a HIIT class, please wear shoes.

The teacher will tell you if there any props or equipment you need to grab before class starts.

During Class

Simply put, just have fun! Do not look around and compare yourself to others. Focus on the teacher and listen to your own body. Take breaks when you need one.

Most importantly, just remember to breathe!

After Class

Don’t feel like you have to rush out of the studio once your workout is complete. Hang around a little while! Oak Studio is more than a yoga and fitness studio, we’re a community. We want you to stick around after class and hang out! Enjoy some free coffee and tea. We believe that your time spent at the studio should be time spent just for you.

Can’t wait to see you.