Following Spring’s Lead: A Time to Renew

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It is officially Spring season here in Ohio! I’m personally super excited about the longer days, the warm sunshine, no longer needing to wear my coat and boots to the studio, and the beautiful colors of blooming trees and flowers (side note guys – my lemon tree actually survived winter inside and is now sprouting baby lemons!).

As we enter this season, we see nature start to renew. The trees that had shed their leaves start to come back to life. We get to shed our heavy winter layers and don our warm weather wardrobe. And as we notice these shifts with the season change, I encourage you to notice the other aspects of your life where you can follow Spring’s lead. Where do you notice yourself craving some rejuvenation or transition?

Maybe this is letting go of clutter in the home to create space for the things we most love. I mean we call it Spring cleaning for a reason, right? Or maybe it’s listening to your body for what it wants, maybe more gentle movement if intense cardio or lifting was your exercise of choice. Or maybe it’s craving more energetic movement if winter blues had you not moving as often as you would have liked.

Or maybe you notice the need to embrace the concept of Spring refresh and renew in your mindset. If your mindset tends to contain negative beliefs about yourself, I’d encourage you to take a cue from Spring and use this present season as time to work on shifting those beliefs. Yoga is a wonderful way to do that. 

Yoga is a time to connect your breath and mindset to each pose in your physical body; a chance to practice movement in a totally no-judgment space. And many of the benefits of our yoga practice include feeling stronger and more in tune with our bodies, the ability to notice only our breath even as other things are happening around us, and an opportunity to spend time focusing on just us. If you notice negative beliefs about yourself arising in your mind in your day-to-day life, see if you can come back to how you feel during your yoga practice. Even if it’s just for a few seconds, see if you can focus on the sense of both tranquility and strength you feel on the mat, and incorporate it in your day off the mat.

Overall, I encourage you to start thinking about what areas of your life you are ready to shed and renew.  And once you have thoughts on what areas these may be, see where you can start to take action. I always have to write things down, so I like to journal out what aspects I want to revitalize in my life. Putting pen to paper and actually seeing your tangible list is a helpful way to get a start on taking action. Whatever you notice yourself desiring transition or rejuvenation, let the Spring season be a motivator and guide to make the shift toward things that help you flourish.