5 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits

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We are already halfway through March 2019! If you are like me, you still find yourself writing 2018!

Like most people, I set New Year’s Resolutions each year. I do this more to recommit myself to healthy habits. Also like most people, my goals may start to fall away as the months progress. If this sounds familiar, then I have 5 tips for creating healthy habits! These tips are simple and don’t require much effort. Hopefully after trying these tips a few times, you’ll find yourself feeling more energetic and healthy!

Tip 1: Get Plenty of Sleep!

You already know this, right? Even though we all know we should get enough sleep (7 hours for most adults) it’s so easy to come up with excuses to stay up later and later! Or, maybe you just have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Try setting a bedtime for yourself and stick to it! Even consider setting an alarm on your phone telling you it’s time to go to bed! In the evenings, instead of checking into social media or watching another episode on Netflix, begin your nightly unwind routine. This may be getting into cozy pjs, washing your face, and reading a few pages of a good book before bed. Think of going to bed early as indulgent and something to look forward to! Feel yourself better rested after a few good nights’ sleep.

Tip 2: Drink Plenty of Water!

Again, you already know this. But why don’t we do it? Water helps us stay hydrated, alert, and staves off cravings. Something that has helped me get more water is carrying around a refillable water bottle of at least 32 ounces. My goal is to drink at least 3 a day. I always find my skin clearer and energy up when I hit my water intake goals.

If you just find the taste of water bland, try adding some flavor—whether naturally with fruit or artificially with water enhancers. Find what works for you! And always bring water to a workout class 😊 (p.s. we have a bottle filling station here for you).

Tip 3: Diversify Your Workout Routine!

One way to make sure you stick to a fitness routine is to look forward to it! You may find yourself getting bored doing the same workout day after day (i.e. pounding away miles on the treadmill). Also, doing the exact same workout repeatedly will make it less effective over time. So, mixing it up a bit will allow you to continue to improve.

Trying to mix it up is so easy! Especially at Oak Studio where we offer a variety of classes. Try a Sculpt Flow Class, Bootcamp, and Slow Flow Class. Or pepper your weekly runs with a couple Vinyasa Yoga classes. If you are unsure how to vary your week, check out our Layering option on our site.

Tip 4: Eliminate the Guilt

Exercise is a great stress relief, but don’t allow it to be the source of your stress! When it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, food and exercise go hand in hand. But sometimes even with the best of intentions, we don’t get to that workout class or we find ourselves in the fast food drive-thru. Don’t let this derail you!

In these moments, cut yourself some slack! Who do you feel you need to prove to you can do everything? You work, spend time with friends and family, have a social life, and are active when you can! Give yourself a break and just remember how good you feel when you do get that workout in and eat a nutritious home-cooked meal. And remember, tomorrow is another day!

Tip 5: Prioritize You!

Try not to spread yourself too thin saying yes to things in life – family obligations, social outings, work events. Remember to prioritize what you most want to do! You can’t take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself!

Literally set an appointment with yourself to get exercise in. Block out time on your calendar for that yoga class or outdoor run, and STICK TO IT! You would not blow off an important work meeting so don’t blow off this! Listen and respect your mind and body. When you do so, you will find yourself much happier and content.