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Getting ample rest and letting yourself recover should be first priority; add in spiritual practices to the extent that you can do that without getting in the way of recovering from burnout. Twinzer, I know people who do Mercury planetary charity during Mercury retrogrades specifically to make the retrogrades easier on them, and have reported good results.

Kyle, you had a ghastly childhood. Those families that reliably produce effective war leaders become the great houses of the feudal system. Moo Foo Bay, Ecosophia pretty reliably brings in between half and two-thirds the readership of The Archdruid Report.

Thanks for asking! John, you have to start by acknowledging that the young men have a point. Most of the jobs available to working class people these days involve wretchedly poor pay, miserable conditions, humiliating policies inflicted by managemenet, and no significant prospects for advancement.

Rita, fascinating! Thanks for this. Gus, what a very crude generalization. Repotluck, excellent! Slithy Toves-YES! I was just telling my dad this last night, that the energy around covid feels less corrosive, horrifying, and distorted somehow and someway! I am so, so happy to hear others say this! t that was the thing with those swine flue jabs as well, or my sister said over my dead body.

A couple interesting developments on the Covid front lines, were the huge anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne, Australia which totally over-ran the police presence. I also live in the greater SF bay area. And, I also feel constrained by young adult children to remain put, at least for now. Maybe we should talk.

I also mostly lurk, for years now, but recently am responding on occasion, like to this comment of yours. I live out of town on a few acres, which means I have no easy way to get to anything without driving, as the buses are a couple times a day, and I have to walk a mile at elevation to get to them.

I would have a 6 mile walk with a ft elevation change to get to a store, and thta location has very few stores. I have practiced gardening alot, I am over on green wizards also, and cooking.

And other simple living and low energy lifestyle options. My area burned heavily last year, which has ruined the garden soil a bit, and last winter was the lowest rainfall for many many decades at least.

SO, there are challenges. Not to mention being WAY to close to Bay area population centers who may take what little a grub out, and the way this area assumes everyone has money and the taxes are already bad and they of course want more. I think in the end that you handled your situations very well indeed, both with respect to that dog and with respect to your parents.

Thoughtless, self-justifying people like the woman who ran that kennel are a dime a dozen out there in the real world; and malevolent, vicious or violent parents like you describe yours are about as common. Taking up that shotgun, loading and cocking it, and realizing that you would actually use it to kill your own father if things had gone too far was, I think, a good thing to do in that particular situation, or at least not a very bad thing.

As for what that being was whom you met while under dog-attack - well, all human labels for such beings-angels, demons, etc. Words get in the way! Their identities, so far as humans can grasp them, merge and divide like shadows cast by tree leaves swaying in the wind.

And they seem to have little interest in shabby human ideas of right and wrong, virtue and vice. They do not seem to be at all interested in human morals or ethics, at least not in my own experience.

That would websites for casual encounters near goodyear inquiry answer

Went homeless. Recently - as of a fortnight ago - I began to study and practice the mantic art of geomancy.

The Shield chart produced Populus People as the Judge with Rubeus Red as both left and right Witnesses. Rubeus as the left witness says quite simply DANGER! Populus tells me that the subject Man passively accepts the object vaccine and that, due to the emotional character of the figures involved i. Rubeus and Populusthe reception is predicated on feelings with little rational deliberation involved. The House Chart is like the M25 large ring-road motorway surrounding London at rush hour; busy, very busy.

Being a novice at geomancy my interpretive skills are not remotely developed enough to fully understand what the House chart is saying.

If anybody is interested in looking at the House chart themselves the Four Mothers in order of generation are 1 Acquisitio, 2 Puer, 3 Acquisitio and 4 Carcer. Acquisitio Gain in the First house signifies that people have received the vaccine, gain in the most concrete fashion. Fortuna Minor Lesser Fortune in the Tenth House signifies that the treatment will be an apparent success, though effectively fleeting. The House chart also repeats Acquisitio in the Third and Fifth Houses, has Tenth House Fortuna Minor In Company with Laetitia Joy and Seventh House Populus In Company with Via WayVia also appears in the Twelfth House.

What belongs in the Sixth House? Am I correct in placing the querent Man in the First House?

Can recommend websites for casual encounters near goodyear opinion

In general, how was my reading of the charts? I think you need to have people on board with a recognition of a problem before you can find a solution. In our church we have an open Torah club bible study with a potluck meal after the main meeting, which often meanders into current events and societal challenges, because of the practicality and difficulty of some of the Bible passages, but it allows for a free exchange of ideas.

As a result of that we have had some amazing discussions, including issues talked about on this blog. You just have to pick your moments. and the beginning of a new one, but it certainly seemed to have a galvanizing effect.

I saw a post by someone called John G here who was elected to lead church group, not John Michael Greer, trying to motivate young men to get jobs start families etc.

Websites for casual encounters near goodyear

As a demoralized young man myself, I must say that I think the older generations, The Boomers in particular, have abandoned us. Case in point. I currently have a job and have worked for the company now for a couple years. I want to transfer to another store in the companies national chain, and I am faced with having my permanent position being made temporary again if I do that. John G, you want your church to help young people I have an idea, get a piece of land and just allow them to build their tiny houses on it.

See if you can say the same things in a calmer tone, though, because they need to be said. John G. Have it be a fairly major project.

Community garden comes to mind, but more than that. Maybe plant an orchard and grape arbor to go along with the garden. Refurbish things like small appliances, battered furniture, donated electronics-you must know what a hassle it is safely to dispose of same- etc.

for donation to needy families. Get the guys involved in making and doing and learning for themselves how satisfying that can be. Our ancestors held barn raisings. You must surely have adult parishioners who can supervise and share what they know. As for jobs, society wide, workers have had it with silly games, sociopathic supervision, no regular schedule, and not earning enough to live on.

Instead of get a job, maybe focus on skill building and income streams. Some of the initial responses had the same take.

Apologise that, websites for casual encounters near goodyear for that interfere

Almost immediately thereafter I ran into a long video on YouTube I felt compelled to watch that purported to answer the question of why supply chains worldwide were being disrupted it gave a variety of technical explanations that did not explicitly point to scarcity as a reason but which were also not incompatible with it and now it seems like every single day I see new stories about scarcity, rationing, what will not be available for Christmas alas!

Always informative, and often predictive. If only you had forewarned me about the four years of hysteria that would follow. Slithy I too recently felt a slight, but noticeable, lifting of a burden. It was on Sept I cannot trace it to any specific event though there were a few hopeful events early last week - but there have been such events happening weekly for several weeks nowso I suspect that the shift has happened at a more subtle plane.

Rita Rippetoe, Susan Bauer is a very well educated, Christianist home schooler. She actually wrote a History of the World in about 4 or 5 volumes to be used in a home school curriculum.

I read through some of it. She did pay close attention to chronology, including pointing out cross cultural chronologies. As in when Sargon of Akkad was conquering Mesopotamia, such and such was also happening in Egypt and something else was happening in China. So, not the standard Plato to Nato narrative, and non Western cultures and civilizations were not neglected. However, she is a Bible literalist, or very nearly so, not too much of a problem because the Old Testament depiction of Mid East history is actually fairly accurate if one reads it on its own terms.

I think a cyclical theory of history would contradict her Christian eschatology. What bothered me was a clear bias in favor of Important People. Her animus against Marius, the equally bloodthirsty plebian who made good-I think I have that right-was so great that she left out a major battle Marius won against the Gauls.

Also, while her books are good on chronology, geography was almost entirely neglected in what I read. There were some maps, mere sketches, and I suppose the Nile floods were mentioned, if not their origin in the monsoons, but very little as I recall on matters as important as climate, growing seasons, and so on. Furthermore, there is no excuse at the present time for writing about the classical world and neglecting to discuss the slave trade. I want to HEAVILY emphasize that these are mine and my friends experiences so your mileage may vary.

In addition to this the ease of getting food, shelter, etc has revealed the grubby underbelly of the human condition. Without the need to rely on others for survivel relationships are based solely on how much you can please someone diminishing the value of human relationships. So often times communicating with him about my issues seems pointless.

This may come off shallow but if all you have to offer is smelly ferrets and binging on anime and video games, that does not incentivize me to want to be a productive member of society.

One way to take this off is to offer a place to develop genuine male friendships. One author of the disident right made an interesting point about this in that platonic male intimacy is a very fragile thing which isolates a lot of men.

Sep 22, To Slithytoves, thanks for the shoutout. I plan on talking about the forces I have been sensing in a blog post in the near future. I felt it lift September 17 - 18, right around the time Nicki Minaj was making waves for going hard against the vaccine narrative is a platform for academics to share research papers Feb 08, frequency_dictionary_en_82_txt - Free ebook download as Text File .txt), File .) or read book online for free

This is something I would probably conceed the right has had a hand in. These are a few of the things that burn in my head everyday that blunt me from making a lot more effort than I normally would. You have to give young men a sense of purpose, or a mission that they can take pride in. One image that gave me hope was the Johnny Appleseed posts. Address these young men with respect, not shame.

Have patience, the internet has warped so many peoples sense of what reality actually is like that in some senses they may need to learn to emotionally walk again.

In fact the idea of giving men a mission I ape from him. Sorry if this all comes of as incoherent but as I said, what you were asking about hits directly home for me. I hope I don't come off as "woe as me" just trying to put out for right or wrong, some of the emotions that batter me internally that may give some more perspective for you to work with.

Remember that social change is a pendulum - when it swings very far one way, it swings back the other with redoubled force. Cauda Drac is a symbol of endings, and in the 6th it very likely means that the current pandemic is winding down in the natural way.

Frequent, duly edited and posted. Gus, of course it has merit, in its place, and in proper context. Drake, thank you for this! Saw this on LinkedIn.

Heavens no! We mean planting a virtual garden in virtual reality. JMG, I know you started a regular discussion group on dreamwidth about all things pandemic, but I have a hard time in that thread environment, so I hope you will indulge me here.

I imagine there are many stories unfolding lately, with much graver consequences. I hope we all get through okay. Anyway, my run-ins with a mandate and with censorship:. I recently signed up to do a fun run 5k with my 5th grade son. The run entry fees go to a scholarship fund. It is an outside event. Proof of COVID vaccination OR Negative COVID test; OR Proof that you have had COVID in the last 90 days.

Race day and pre-bib pick up information will follow later this week. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday. If it were just me, I would give them a piece of my mind and demand a refund, but my son is looking forward to the event. So I immediately tried to sign up for a test. The earliest appointment I could get is this Friday at noon, less than 48 hours before the event.

So there is the science-asking a non-vaxxed person for proof they are covid-free. Except whoops, the vaccinated can pass it just as easily-if not more so.

It basically posits a mass hypnosis. WHY DO SO MANY STILL BUY INTO THE NARRATIVE?

Casual Relationships Minus Emotions How Do They Affect You? #UnplugWithSadhguru

I write a weekly column for the local paper in my little city. It was rejected at the 11th hour. I had quoted from an article on the Associated Press website about the recommendations of the FDA advisory committee to limit booster shots to those over 65 and others at notably high risk. I offered no opinion, and in fact tried to tip toe around the issue by putting it in the context of all the wars on this and that we have fought with outstanding failure over the past 50 years.

Here is a link to the rejected column. At the same time in situations I act cocky and presumptuous while putting myself in situations and setting myself up for failure to reaffirm that notion of not being worthy. The thing is, sometimes I impose my worldview and my way of doing things in my mind, for the same reason, if I see myself better than others and myself being right then there is no reason to feel insecure or to see it.

Now, I am aware of this which ironically makes me too aware of not making the mistake of being cocky in situations that I am not! I hope that makes sense. Basically, it is like stage 2 of some sort of insecure egocentrism in rehabilitation. Would you say that to target such an issue would I need to focus on seeing that I am but one piece of the universe as valid as anybody else or would you say that I would need to focus on building security in who I am? I am thinking that the latter would also target the former because it seems that the insecurity is what prompts me to see myself as better than others but I am concerned that building security would reinforce the idea that I am better.

Lakelandrepotluck, I had a Landrover with a vented double roof like you described, I think it was called a safari roof, it worked. Slithy Thanks for bringing it up. Yes, I noticed as well, giddy happiness, positive outlook, no more fear. Several days ago, out of nowhere. Kimberly, maybe Nicki Minaj slipped into a new Madonna image? WB1c Agree with everything. It may take a while but there are still man you can aspire to become. It may be just one individual. Happiness may not exist, but moments of happiness may be real, oftentimes in the midst of your worst struggle.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback! I noticed something was different around the 18th, though I put it down to seeing an old friend again and spending less time online. James, I agree with JMG: you did pretty good!

Could portend that there will be an increase in long-term health problems for those who take the AZ shot. We are looking for land and garden work traders with some regularity and are about to run a fall Permaculture Design Course commuter only. Look for farm and permaculture internships. One of the colleagues I chewed out emailed me later to say she took umbrage at my characterization of her facts as scapegoating. Which, Harry Potter fans, I also found enormously funny.

But, that gave me some great impetus to at least attempt to flip the tables on a small cadre of very wealthy, politically well connected to very dubious politician-businessmen people trying to claim they were speaking for the little guys in an amazingly transparent astroturf this week.

So hang in there, goats. Katsmama - my husband teaching highschool has had the opposite experience so far. My son says the older elementary boys grades three to five have been having playground fights constantly. Maybe normal for the age group. So intriguing data. Frequent Ecosophian who is in Anger Management.

formerly Frequent Ecosophian who wanted to go Anger Management. Gotta laugh at your own anger. Gotta laugh at it. Thank you John Michael Greer for snipping that last comment I wrote, taking the profanity out of it.

John G, anyone in a leadership position today, like leading a church group that is trying to help young men, is going to have to contend with how modern society is destroying the lives of both young men and young women. The narrative being fed to both is toxic. I actually had a interesting talk high school girl at work earlier today. I told the same thing happened to me.

Expectation of a capacity to repay a loan for an education that is worthless. No matter if is a hard science like Biology, with a organic chemistry as it relates to toxicology. ZERO JOB PROSPECTS. JMG if you ever want to write a book on poisons. I might be able to lend a hand in that regard. In my time in college I came to think, Tereatagens, are one of the biggest class we have to worry about. Poisons that affect the offspring of offspring. One of the big myths of progress being perpetuated is that we can cleanse all the poisons out of the Earth and soil using technology.

Earth is going to clean itself. I digress. Further more housing prices keep rising to support a rent economy. That rent is funding the retirements of older generations, who do not want to partake in the Ilth that is coming their way. The wealth in many ways is clearly still there.

Young people can see it in this wealth in the boats sitting in the garages of many baby boomers. My boss is trying to buy a house. She is a few years older than I am.

I suggested they take their down payment buy land and go tiny. Watching my boss try work the transfer out for me is hillarious infuriating. To say the least. Young people today believe what you own is what you can, you yourself, take care of. It makes sense. I am a little bit older early 40sbut having many of the same feelings, although I had written it up to the midlife crisis.

I am fortunate to have found a niche where I can work and be paid fairly well, found a compatible partner, managed to get a house at a reasonable price, etc. I feel lucky to have escaped many of the traps that ensnare young men these days. I have planned my escape, but it is still a few months away. I always thought that most people, if given half a chance, want to work hard and do a good job.

I certainly do. Every company I have ever worked for, though, managed to demoralize people and create perverse incentive structures to punish people for doing good work.

Hard-working, talented people keep moving on to something better, leaving behind a core of bitter, lazy people with no other options. Those are the long-termers at every company I have ever worked for. It is a common enough story here in Japan that there is a pop-culture word for corporate dropouts who choose to work in farming or the trades.

The pace of geothermal drilling is poised to speed up in the upcoming years, with Rystad seeing the drilling tally at already, i. more than doubling the current levels of drilling.

The upcoming decade should see a massive ramp-up in geothermal capacity as it makes inroads into urban heating and lithium extraction, with global capacity reaching 36GW by You can see that this issue strikes a nerve with a lot of people.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I respect that each of us has to face this on our own terms as individuals. I think going forward I will try to do my best to get them to acknowledge the crisis without losing their minds.

At least then they can take an objective look at the future they are facing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I find myself constantly struggling to avoid coming across as a reactionary type in these situations. If people knew all my real thoughts and opinions, they might have a strange impression of me.

That makes it hard to create a space where people feel free to express their own concerns, but I will do my best. I think you are on to something that we need to provide a greater purpose for young men. So many of us are dissatisfied with the fakeness of society but have no experience thinking outside the paradigm. Eating a meal together - once a week if possible - will provide an opportunity for these young men to get to know each other and be known as they really are.

Camping trips are also good. Get them to work together on making simple stuff happen, like a weekly meal and an occasional camping trip. If so, plan joint projects with the young ladies group so that they can get to know each other by working together on something. Familiarity breeds friendship. We have all lost many of the skills needed to make and maintain friendships. They are there to get a job done, like painting the community rec centre or renovating a playground.

So much better than a singles bar! All of us fear being known as we truly are-but that is one path to freedom and community. When people come to your home, and when you go to theirs, two things happen- You begin to know each other as you are, and find that others accept you just as you are; and you find that you trust these few others to come over and visit without putting on airs.

wordstxt - Free ebook download as Text File .txt), File .) or read book online for free Oct 27, Check out the list below to find the best tire shops and service centers near you. N Kuldip Thusu can be contacted at and by email at [email protected] El resumen de las noticias de ultima hora en un flash. West El Monte Way Dinuba, CA gov Phone: Fax: So Rd 72 Suite Atlanta's victory over Houston in World Series Game 1 drew an average of 10, viewers on Fox, up from the record low of 9, for the Los Angeles Dodgers' opening win

This is important for crisis- Everyone has a crisis now and again, everyone has hardship and needs help. Your group will have a supply of real friends when they encounter crisis, because they are already coming over to visit when there is no crisis.

I knew a guy who worked at the National Zoo in Washington DC. He said that it was necessary to pat the elephants, every day, and talk to them in soothing tones. This got the elephants used to being touched by a human. Pat the elephants. First, get them used to working with each other to come up with a shared dinner each week. Then, let them turn their sights on creating a helpful legacy. In the safe community, encourage them to dare to have hopes and dreams.

What would satisfying work look like? How can they practically go about getting some? Maybe they can look into trades like electrician, carpentry, renovations. I helped one young man find a career in custom-made artificial limbs that was personally fulfilling for him and still makes him a comfortable living.

What to discuss? Our genial host JMG is currently outlining the levels of the Order of Spiritual Alchemy on ecosophia. If your group is Christian or Jewish, it would not be too difficult to find examples throughout those scriptures of people doing the same kind of thing. Kindness, a safe space, and legacy.

A legacy for the future, good things set up to help those who come after us, is tremendously important! They are interested in developing a large group of people who will sit and listen on Sundays, give money to support their salaries and building projects, and otherwise not make waves.

When you help people find their own tamanous path to spiritual maturity, they will give directly to worthy projects and needy people, and develop the skills to discern what is the best use of their resources, and go around doing good things without any supervision.

When they do this, they will not enrich the clergy, and they will make waves. Part of their development will be encouraging some to form and run their own groups. Let them know early on that this is not a bad thing.

You will run into doctrinal differences. Doctrine is much less important than you may think. If you are successful at these things, you personally will lose your standing at the church, your reputation as a good churchman, and will likely be run out of the current congregation for one reason or another.

But this too is necessary. Full maturity often requires that the teacher departs. You will leave behind a legacy of people with a spiritual maturity that cannot be taken from them, who will have the skills to help others find their path too. It is a high cost, but well worth doing. Hope some of that was helpful, John G. I wish you every success and the blessings of your God in helping these young men towards true spiritual maturity. Slithy, Ron M and others noting an eased burden in the past week, I had just the opposite in Japan, feeling downright depressed for no reason that I could see the EMF burden has seemed lighter.

It gives me quite an oppressed feeling observing this. I keep busy with other stuff and try to spend more time in forests. Many thanks! Dear Archdruid, given that you are a known afficionado of science fiction universes, I wanted to ask if you have heard of the Warhammer 40k franchise and if you have an opinion on it. Thanks for your reply to my previous question. Obviously it gives rise to further questions, particularly about how and between whom warfare might arise, but I appreciate that the situation in the UK is radically different from that in the USA, so it would be unreasonable to expect an answer from you.

Instead I will ask something different. About 30 years ago I was staying in a community in England. They had a table in the hallway where people could leave items that they no longer needed but that other people might have a use for. One day I saw a single sheet of paper on the table. That was odd. What sort of use could a single sheet of paper have? I picked it up and started to read what was on it. Immediately I felt there was something evil represented in the words.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The words seemed ordinary, yet what they conveyed was utterly vile. Up to that point I had regarded evil simply as a human value judgement, but this seemed far beyond anything human.

Now, after some 30 years, I cannot remember anything about what the paper contained. I cannot even remember whether it was in longhand or typed. I can only remember the feeling it evoked in me. I forced myself to continue to read, but could not get even halfway through the document before I had to stop. I felt I had to destroy the document. I had to burn it. It seemed the only way to stop the evil and prevent it from spreading.

I looked at the bottom of the page, to see if I could find any information about the document. It was signed by Aleister Crowley. Next to the signature was the instruction that after I had read the document I should burn it. That revolted me. Even in my attempt to defend myself I would still be following the instructions of this vile document.

Nevertheless, I felt I had no alternative. I went into the kitchen and put it on the fire. I then went into the shower room and spent about half an hour under the shower, in an attempt to cleanse myself.

Who put the paper on the table I do not know and did not ask. It could have been any of the residents, or a visitor.

Agree, the websites for casual encounters near goodyear can

Whoever it was must have thought it valuable in some way, otherwise they would not have put it there. Perhaps they recognised the name Aleister Crowley and thought it might have financial value. Evidently they had not followed the instructions on the paper itself, to burn it.

Maybe they did not read it. JMG, is there anything you can usefully say about this event? Did I act appropriately? Could I have acted any differently? What would have happened if I had not burned it? I knew nothing about magical workings. Less personally, was Crowley known for writing this sort of thing?

What was he trying to achieve? How did he create it? What was it that it contained? Why did he instruct the reader to burn it? How might it have affected the previous owner? Perhaps the one important thing I have learned from it is that there is something in the notion of evil that goes far beyond human value judgements.

The idea is your avatar will live your life online. It will dress in virtual clothes you bought at a virtual shop Ralph Lauren has already released a line of virtual fashionsit will invite other avatars to dinner and serve virtual food and wine you bought at virtual stores, etc etc. They are targeting zillenials millenials plus generation Z.

Semi-comatose people living a fantasy life while being milked by the powers-that-be. Is this where we are headed? The horror! I did suggest the next step was they would create a digital pandemic and sell you a digital vaccine. The virtual clothes, cars, apartments etc are all bought with real money. Once you have created your dream persona and environment at considerable cost, you have an investment that you are emotionally committed to.

You will pay good money to protect it, and they know that. They also know all about you. You are a sitting duck for exploitation by the virtual world owners. Seems another hype train is rapidly derailing. Ecosophians might find this well-written piece interesting, though the folks who most need to read it are not here in such numbers, I suspect.

What is the purpose of the Middle Pillar ritual? And when is it recommended to be performed? Carosello successivo. Cos'e Scribd? Libri Audiolibri Riviste Podcast Spartito Documenti selezionato Snapshots. Words Caricato da Estiven Morales. Informazioni sul documento fai clic per espandere le informazioni sul documento Titolo originale words Copyright All Rights Reserved. Formati disponibili TXT,TXT o leggi online da Scribd. Condividi questo documento Condividi o incorpora il documento Opzioni di condivisione Condividi su Facebook, apre una nuova finestra Facebook.

Hai trovato utile questo documento? Questo contenuto e inappropriato? Teen pop star Olivia Rodrigo leads AMA nominees in her debut Olivia Rodrigo is having a sweet year as the leading nominee at the American Music Awards in her first year to be eligible. World Series opener viewers up A new book on faith from popular author who died in Christian author Rachel Held Evans left behind a legion of loyal readers when she died in Mayat the age of In 'The Souvenir Part II,' a human-scaled epic concludes Joanna Hogg first had the instinct to make a film about her then unfolding relationship to her heroin-addicted first love in Colonial art: Cambridge hands over looted bronze to Nigeria A Cambridge University college is handing over a bronze cockerel looted from Africa in the 19th century to Nigerian authorities.

Caissie Levy gets uncomfortable in 'Caroline, Or Change' Caissie Levy has vacated her palace on Broadway for a modest Louisiana home. Young women boycott UK nightclubs over 'spiking' concerns Young women across the U. Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Luke Combs to play CMA stage The CMA Awards will be a night of all-star collaborations between Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean, Kane Brown and Chris Young, and Mickey Guyton with Brittney Spencer and Madeline Edwards.

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