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He puts his hand on my thigh, goosebumps break out on my skin. Without saying a word he slides his fingers under my skirt. This a new movie theatre, the kind with the large seats, plenty of room for snuggling with a date. My coat slides over my legs as his fingers slide inside me. I bite my bottom lip trying to keep my face as neutral as possible while waves of pleasure invade my brain. Silent as a mouse I slide into his lap. Horny women local in whakatane.

My fingers dig into his jeans, gripping the strong thighs hidden inside. He rocks his hips in time with mine. As the woman on the screen releases herself to her man, I find myself doing the same. My hair covering my eyes that are wild and cheeks that are flushed. I climb off his lap, place his now satisfied and spent cock back inside his jeans. I kiss his cheek and place my head on his shoulder. That restless itch. I can feel it, deep down inside of me, waking up and bubbling to the surface of my thoughts.

I fight it over and over but I always give in. When the lock on my cage finally breaks, I have no choice but to let her out. Hear her begging to be released.

Reluctantly I get dressed. A short black skirt, white cotton panties underneath, my legs, smooth and shaven, adorned by a pair of heels. A white top with my white cotton push up bra, the very picture of innocence and sex.

My hair is thrown high in a messy ponytail, my makeup minimal. I know how to do this and I know how it works. We will pick one together, and see where the night takes us. I make my way into the bar, it is crowded and dimly lit. There is a haze of smoke that fills the air, and if you stop and seek it out, you can smell desire as it circles and surrounds the men and women standing silently in their corners, waiting to be seen and wanted.

A shiver of excitement pulses through me, as our eyes meet. I am seducing him with my words, drawing him further and further into my web. The rational part of me, the one normally in control, suddenly freezes and begins to panic. The wild one, the one I normally try to keep contained; she is louder, more forceful and at the moment, completely in control. I silence my doubts as my hand touches his chest. He grabs my hand, so pale and delicate and places it in his own.

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I follow willingly down through the crowd, waiting to see where we end up. There is a small utility closet, hidden in the shadows next to the bathrooms. He leads me into the dark, tight space, and shut the door behind us. It smells of cigarettes and booze, an odd yet somehow comforting smell considering what we are going to do.

He grabs me by my waist, my skirt hiking up above thighs. Grabbing one leg then the other, he wraps me around him, snaking my legs across his hips, his hands cupping my ass. He kisses me, softly at first then rough, his need and desire growing with my own. His tongue becomes an extension of his fingers, exploring me, tasting me as he moves down my skin.

I can feel him, hard and erect, his cock is huge and I want every fucking inch. He moves my panties aside, already soaked with desire and anticipation, and pushes me down onto him. I gasp as he enters me. I am tiny, a mere 98 pounds, he is muscular, buff and larger than life.

I can feel him filling my body and sending waves of pleasure into my toes. My back is up against the wall and I grab him with my thighs, holding on, allowing him to steer the ship. Suddenly, my legs are being unwrapped and I am forcefully turned around. He takes me from behind, his teeth sinking into the sensitive part of my neck. It feels so good, so right. Harder, faster, he pushes himself inside me, my face smashed against the concrete wall. I feel myself cumming, wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through my body.

His wraps his strong arm around my waist, yanks my hair back with the other. His body relaxes, his head bows and he gently kisses the back of my neck. I leave him there, in the dusty closet of the bar, a confused yet satisfied look on his face. Walking away I can almost feel her yawning, that she-beast of mine. Tired and happy, content from the hunt. I know she will awaken again soon, lately her slumbers have been shorter and shorter.

Until then though, I can wait. I recently started reading the 50 Shades of Grey series. While some of it is on the predictable side, I can see why so many women and men flocked to the books. I am very curious how they will treat the subject matter when the movie comes out next month. I, like many, have a secret freak flag that I only let fly at certain times. I clean up nicely and can play the part of the PTA, mini-van driving soccer mom to a tee.

Behind closed doors though, when the lights go out, I have no problem shedding that sweet sugary skin and slipping on something sexier and dark. I like bondage.

I like being tied up and forced to give in and give up control. In my every day life I am a control freak. I am the perfect good girl that is respected and adored. I dress properly, do my hair just right, wear the right amount of makeup, neither to garish nor subtle.

Perhaps because in the rest of my life I am controlled and careful, when it comes to sex, I love being able to give up and give in. I get off on being told how to stand, how to sit. Having my partner grab me by the back of head and shove his cock in my mouth. I enjoy having my hands tied behind my back, silenced with a choke, or a bite. There are many, many, many sides to me.

This is just one. A girl like me can appreciate a book like 50 Shades.

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It is not as many think about rape or being soiled or dirtied. Bondage is about letting go. It is the furthest thing from taking advantage of another person. You have to trust your partner in every way. When your eyes are closed behind a mask, you have to trust that his fingers will bring a smile, his lips a sigh.

Bondage is the exact opposite of hurting someone.

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I will be looking forward to seeing the movie and how they play it out on the screen. There is something to be said about being with someone that you can have that kind of freedom to express yourself with. The anticipation was driving her mad.

She would grab him by the ass and get him inside her, feel him deep within. She had agreed, however, that this was her fantasy too so she would need to be a good girl and see it through to the end.

She held a gasp in as fingers were replaced by tongue. Matt, running it and his lips slowly down her body. Kissing her, taking in her taste. He stopped at the top of her thighs, taking his hands and parting them open. He kissed the inside of her left thigh, the inside of her right.

Teasing her with every movement. She arched her back in response, presenting her swollen and throbbing clit. Just when she thought his mouth was heading there next, he would come back up her body, beginning again at her neck and working his way back down.

Remembering the rules she merely nodded yes. I know what you need but not yet. She found herself biting her bottom lip, desperate to respond, unable to do anything but comply.

After what felt like an eternity, she felt his hands once again parting her thighs, felt him, strong, hard and ready positioning himself in between them. Despite his warnings she let out a moan as he entered her, unable to stop herself.

In response he grabbed her neck, tightening his fingers around it, being careful not to cut off her air for too long. What did your master say? Quiet right? One then two, fast then slow. She was an instrument and he was playing a concerto. He could feel her excitement growing as she became wet in response to his teasing.

When he felt she was close, he pried her legs apart and thrust inside her, in time to feel her spasm around him as she came. Her legs began to shake and he thrust deeper, harder, taking her bound hands and raising them above her head. His beautiful, wonderful girlfriend beneath him, giving him her body for the night.

A living, breathing doll that he got to play with whenever he wanted. Their hips began to move in sync, her legs reflexively wrapped around his waist squeezing him tight. He was so close to letting go, he felt it building up. Quickly he untied her hands, allowing her to grab him and hold on. She whispered in his ear that she was ready, ready to cum with him, to feel him let go.

It was all it took. He joined her in bliss, releasing himself deep inside her, feeling her relax beneath him, both of them spent. They lay there, naked, sweating, bodies entwined, her hands running through his hair. He removed her blindfold and looked in her eyes. Today, tomorrow, always. They fell asleep in front of a roaring fire, ropes, and blindfolds cast aside next to their clothing. To think this had all started with a blind date. A chance, a risk taken by both that paid handsomely in return.

Tomorrow was a new day, together they looked forward to what it had in store. Time flew by. That magical first date turned into a second, then a third. Before long, Jessica and Matt where such a presence in the others life, it was sometimes easy to forget it had been mere months, not years.

Aside from the many common interests they shared,they discovered on their first sexual encounter together, they were perfectly in sync.

Casual sexual encounters peabody

One would never know that these two seemingly ordinary, conservative, middle class folks, had very secret and intense sexual desires. The last few months had been a season of discovery. The immediate sense of trust and calm between them allowed inhibitions to be stripped away, and for exploration to take flight. Tonight was special, one like none they had yet shared.

Tonight they would play out their bondage fantasies, taking turns being the receiver and giver. Both had come to the conclusion that they felt safe enough with one another to try. I want you. I desire you. I think of the taste of your lips, the touch of your hands.

I imagine what you look like naked under your layers of clothes. I want to run my lips across your chest, make my way down to your thighs. Want is such a pure thing, so raw and primal and powerful. When I see you, it is so hard for me to resist.

Tag: sexual encounters Let's Go to the Movies. The theatre is dark. Everyone is engrossed in the movie, their attention on the screen. He puts his hand on my thigh, goosebumps break out on my skin. Without saying a word he slides his fingers under my skirt

I want to throw you down right where you stand, pull down your pants and ride you like a wild animal in heat. My fingers finding their way under the sheets and inside my clothes.

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The question is do you feel the same? Do you think of me? Want me?

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Desire me too? I can be your doll, your perfect storm. The fantasy girl come to life. Say you want me back and give me the green light. Go ahead. Put your fears aside and take a chance. He came back from out of the blue. Her old lover, her friend.

Years had gone by without a word, then suddenly one day there he was.

Apologise, can casual sexual encounters peabody me!

She did not understand it, this overwhelming lust, and desire for a man she had not seen in over a decade. Yet there it was, her body telling her what her mind just could not accept.

They talked for hours, discussing their shared past, their present, the future. Conversations flowed like water between them, switching from one subject to another in the way that only lovers can speak. Conversation, however, was not enough.

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