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Joe admits that he did follow her to the festival, but claims that he went there to apologize, not to spy on her. After a fight between Beck and her father's wife, Nancy WhitesellJoe attempts to console Beck but it leads to an argument.

They quickly make up however. Offscreen, Joe returns the copy of Ozma of Oz to Peach's library. Joe joins Beck, Annika, Peach, and Lynn in one of their "girls' nights out" and is disgusted by how condescending and bland they are. Peach approaches Joe about her missing and now returned book in an attempt to profile him as someone willing to steal it.

The day after, Annika visits Joe and Ethan at the bookstore and helps promote Mooney's on her Instagram and he encourages her to post an unflattering picture of her and Peach. Later that night, Joe surprises Beck with a lavish date across New York, however this gets interrupted as Annika calls Beck frantically over a leaked video of Annika making seemingly racist comments. Joe is immediately suspicious of Peach, believing she was the one behind the leak.

Joe follows Peach to her office and notices her laptop, which he plans to steal. Peach comes to the bookstore and tells Joe to ready the bookstore for a party in order to introduce Beck to famous literary agent Roger Stevens. Joe returns to his apartment and realizes Paco is reading a book about the prosecution of minors in New York state, putting together that Paco is planning to hurt or kill Ron.

He gives Paco a book called The Count of Monte Cristo. Later that night, Joe and Beck are together at the party that Peach organized, where he steals Peach's purse containing her laptop and diary.

He goes down to the basement but quickly discovers that her laptop is password-protected, prompting Joe to search her diary, in which he discovers an old polaroid of Beck in a bikini.

Joe returns upstairs and overhears Roger Stevens and Peach planning to reject Beck from his agency.

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The day after, Joe meets up with Annika to talk about Peach in order to piece together Peach's laptop password. Joe gets called by Beck who tells Joe that Peach is in his apartment, searching for her stolen laptop.

Peach accuses Joe of stealing her laptop, and Beck reveals that Peach had a stalker to Joe's relief, leaving him able to divert the blame from him. Joe tells Peach to use a tracking app for her laptop, to which she discovers that the laptop is back at her house.

Joe follows Peach and breaks into her house, retrieving her hidden laptop. Joe attempts to use "Dalloway," the name of her dog, as her password, but is unsuccessful. Joe has an epiphany and decides to use Peach's nickname for Beck, "Beckalicious" which unlocks the laptop. Within a file named "GB," after Guinevere's initials, he discovers a large number of files full of images of Beck, both consensual and not.

In the aftermath of Beck and Peach's massive argument following her sexual harassment by Roger Stevens, Beck and Joe are interrupted by a phone call from Peach who apologizes to Beck and also tells her that she has taken a lot of pills. The duo go to Peach's house and Joe reads her diary, where Peach wrote down all of the pills she took, Joe noting that the amount and type of pills she took wouldn't be "enough in her system for a light buzz, let alone an OD.

He insists that Peach should go to the hospital, instead she gets Beck to stay the night with her. The day after, a frustrated Joe follows Peach to Central Park and impulsively hits her head with a rock. Joe returns home to see an unconscious Ron and Paco. Paco tells Joe that he slipped Ron a few sleeping pills. Joe saves Ron's life by forcing him to vomit. Upon awaking, Ron savagely beats Joe, which Joe takes as a "karmic beating.

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Joe later receives a call from a hysteric Beck about Peach getting attacked at Central Park, who also reveals that Peach survived the attack. Joe goes to Beck's apartment and sees Peach, who tells Beck that Joe needs to leave, and Joe discovers plane tickets to Paris for both her and Beck. Outside of his apartment complex, he meets Paco's mother, Claudia, and she tells him that she owes him and gives him fudge brownies.

Beck visits Joe at the bookstore and informs him of her and Peach's plans to take the weekend and go to her family's estate in Greenwich, New York. Joe follows them in Mr. Mooney's car and gets into a crash in the woods, suffering a severe forehead cut and concussion.

He begins to become plagued by hallucinations of Candace in his concussed state. When Joe wakes up, he gets stopped by Officer Nico.

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Joe introduces himself as "Spencer Hewitt" and tells the officer a story about how he was robbed by a bunch of teenagers. Officer Nico tells Joe that he is going to run his plate, but in order to prevent that from happening, Joe pretends to be married to a wealthy doctor and offers Nico a spot on Edward Beck 's boat. Nico allows Joe to leave.

Joe believes he was successful in deceiving the officer, but as he drives away the officer takes note of the license plate. Joe successfully breaks into Peach's estate and waits for the right opportunity to dispose of her. Joe attempts to stitch his forehead closed and find Peach's concussion pills, when he gets another vision of Candace.

Moments after, he wakes up on the floor, revealing he passed out for several hours.

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Joe is forced to stay overnight as a result of getting trapped under a bed. Joe is forced to watch Peach attempt to take advantage of Beck. Beck confronts Peach because of this and furiously leaves the estate at the end of a confrontation to return to New York.

Joe has another vision of Candace where they begin to have an argument, when Peach discovers Joe and hits him over the head.

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Joe wakes up to Peach standing over him, aiming a gun at him. As she realizes the truth behind Joe's sinister facade, he threatens her. Stating that he knows all her secrets and is willing to expose them, he taunts her before starting a fight.

Joe attempts to run away but his leg is grazed by Peach's gunfire. As Peach approaches Joe, who is pretending to be dead, he trips her, wrestles the gun from her, and shoots her. He then frames her death as a suicide.

Beck is grief stricken in the aftermath of Peach's death, and around a month after, she tells Joe that she's returning to therapy, which threatens Joe's perception and role in the relationship - he wants to be the sole person she can confide in.

Joe begins to become discouraged in his and Beck's relationship due to how cold she's been towards him.

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Joe hires Beck to work at Mooney's bookstore but both him and Ethan take notice of how terrible of an employee Beck is. Joe gets a phone call from Officer Nico, and Joe pretends to be Mr. Mooney, covering for himself. Joe first meets Claudia's friend, Karen Minty chasing off Ron with a metal baseball bat.

In order to make up for her terrible performance, Beck plans a romantic date in the bookstore's basement, during which they talk about her birthday and what she wants. The day after, Joe and Lynn are talking inside of Mooney's and plan Beck's birthday party together.

Despite Beck's wishes, they plan to throw a big party with the guests dressing up as their favorite literary characters. On his way to the party, Joe has another encounter with Karen Minty, who says that Beck is "lucky to have a man that cares.

Joe and Beck have another argument, as Joe says that Beck has been hard to read. When he asks Beck where she was, Beck tells him that her therapy session ran long and that she decided to go on a walk. Not convinced by her story, Joe asks Beck to just tell the truth.

Beck stays silent and Joe demands to see her phone. She tells him that if he does that, there will be no trust between them. Joe ultimately decides not to and Beck storms off. They reconcile but their relationship is back to square one.

Joe becomes increasingly suspicious that Beck is cheating on him with her therapist, Dr. Joe starts to follow her when Beck claims to leave for class, but Beck discovers him and promptly breaks up with him. Joe begins having sessions with Dr. Nicky himself, posing as someone else and discussing his relationship issues with Beck claiming it was his relationship with a man. He initially plans to kill Dr. Nicky, but then concludes that he needs absolute truth first. Joe looks through Dr.

Nicky's laptop and discovers an audio recording of one of Beck's and Nicky's therapy sessions. After listening, Joe comes to the realization that he's become too invasive in her life and that she just needs time away from him.

Joe visits Beck and returns their "Everythingship" Scrabble board. After their relationship ends, Joe has a sexual encounter with and begins to date Karen Minty. In bed, Joe has another vision of Candace, asking him if he's going to leave Beck alone. During their time apart, Beck relays to fellow student Blythe that she needs to focus on her work. Blythe forces Beck off of social media and Joe is no longer able to stalk her social media, which frustrates him. He continues a relationship with Karen Minty.

Ethan tells Joe of his and Blythe's relationship and he is initially disapproving out of jealousy of their happy relationship. At night, Joe, Karen, and Paco are having dinner and Claudia joins. Karen quickly realizes that Claudia has relapsed. Joe and Karen go out to the streets of New York for froyo and run into Beck. Joe has flashbacks of his and Beck's relationship, and Karen and Beck have an awkward first meeting. Karen is rude towards her and ushers them away. Karen asks if that was the "Everythingship girl," to which Joe responds "Ex-Everything.

Joe and Beck start texting again, and Beck starts sending Joe provocative pictures. A few days later, Joe and Beck help Ethan and Blythe move into their new home. Joe is surprised at Beck's arrival and notes the fact that she is trying to get his attention.

Thornton apps for hookup

Joe and Beck have a conversation in the storage area of the moving truck, toasting the "Joe and Beck Moving Company. Claudia wakes up in a panic, giving Joe flashbacks to how Benji reacted when he woke up, making Joe throw up. Joe offers Paco a place to stay in his apartment and lies to him, saying that Karen and Claudia are at the spa. The day after, Joe is working at the bookstore and is confronted by Ron.

Ron attempts to intimidate Joe into telling him where Claudia went and Joe contemplates shooting him, but he's able to convince Ron that he doesn't know and Ron leaves.

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Beck texts Joe to meet at a ferry and Joe cheats on Karen. They continue their relationship for several more weeks as Beck and Joe stop seeing Dr. Paco confronts Joe and demands that he tells him where his mother is. Joe brings Paco down to the cage to see Claudia, where they reunite happily. Joe and Karen go to Blythe and Ethan's housewarming party where they both run into Beck again. When Karen tells Beck about how good of a guy Joe is, Beck begins to cry and excuses herself.

After the party, Joe and Karen return to the cage to see Claudia off, having completed her detox. The next day Joe tries to "see the good" in Karen, but spontaneously breaks up with her. Later that night Joe runs to Beck's place and professes his love to her once again and they reconcile their relationship. Joe returns home to see that Claudia and Ron got back together. Paco screams at Joe and he runs off.

Joe wakes up from a nightmare that he's trapped in the cage, being forced to watch Candace kissing the disfigured corpse of Elijah Thornton. He screams Candace's name, but is relieved as he wrongly believes that Beck was asleep. In the morning they have a conversation which leads into Candace, who Beck has become curious about.

In order to make sure that he doesn't get these nightmares again, he schedules another appointment with Dr. This leads to a flashback to when Joe and Candace first met, him helping her get the band's equipment out of the van.

Another flashback shows Candace and Joe together at Christmas, with Joe gifting her a first edition copy of her favorite book, Wuthering Heights. More flashbacks are similar to Joe's dilemma with Beck, where she was seen texting someone but refuses to show Joe who it is. Candace is seen in a restroom getting ready, and Joe asks if Elijah would be there. Joe suggests that he comes, but Candance refuses, leading Joe to follow her.

The flashback montage ends with Joe placing the Wuthering Heights book on the discount aisle. Another flashback shows Joe's confrontation of Elijah.

Joe tells Elijah that Candace is his girlfriend, to which Elijah claims that she never even mentioned him. Joe becomes enraged, pushing Elijah off of the roof. It's transitioned back to present day and Joe is seen burning the page with Candace's note.

Later that night in Joe's apartment, Beck confronts Joe about what truly happened to Candace. Beck indirectly accuses Joe of having something to do with Candace's disappearances and Elijah's death. Beck also brings up that Candace's brother, Jimmy Stone believes she's dead.

Joe disregards Jimmy's theories, citing his mental health issues, and shows Candace's Instagram page confirming she was in Italy. Joe brings Beck to Mooney's house to reveal what he truly was doing for the 8 days he was gone after his split with Candace.

As they enter the house, there's another flashback where Joe confesses to Mooney that he killed Elijah. Mooney demands Joe to give him his clothes and that as long as he never tells anyone, he will be fine. Joe introduces Beck to Mooney and says that he comes up to visit Mooney weekly. Joe tells Beck that he's the reason that Mooney is in the vegetative state that he was in, as he spent those 8 days wallowing alone and Mooney had a stroke and was left alone.

Joe brings Beck home then attacks Dr. Nicky in disguise as if he is robbing him. Joe takes his phone and goes through his phone calls and text messages with Beck, confirming his suspicions that Beck had been cheating on him.

Joe contemplates killing Dr. Nicky, but says that he'll get what's coming to him. Joe confronts Beck about her infidelity and gets her to admit that he had been cheating on him when they were together the first time. Beck tells Joe that she truly loves him and Joe calms down, Joe forgives her and they reconcile. The day after Joe leaves the apartment leaving Beck alone.

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Joe comes back seeing Beck with a cut and goes into the restroom to get first-aid. He notices the broken piece of glass on the floor and the misplaced bathroom ceiling tile and realizes that she discovered his box of evidence which included Benji's phone and teeth.

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Beck tries to leave in a hurry but Joe slams the door on her. A flashback happens showing what happened between Candace and Joe, where instead of Candace saying that she loved him when confronted about cheating like Beck did, she screams at Joe that she never loved him and storms off.

Beck wakes up in the cage and Joe tries to calm her down, assuring her that she'll be imprisoned temporarily. Beck begs Joe to tell her that he didn't kill Benji or Peach, he tells her "if you knew what I knew" and Beck breaks down, confirming to her that he did kill them. Joe goes through Beck's phone to a panicking Annika and Lynn, posing as Beck, he pretends to be her going off to a writer's retreat.

Joe returns to his apartment to retrieve evidence of Peach and Benji's wrong doings, he sees a horribly beaten Claudia in the back of an ambulance, he asks an officer about the whereabouts of Paco where the officer says she doesn't know.

Joe returns to the cage with Benji and Peach's laptops. He shows Beck the video of Benji's friend accidentally killing a student and the stalker photos Peach took of Beck. Beck breaks down begging Joe not to hurt her.

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Joe tells her to calm down, and that she should appreciate her time in there. Joe breaks up a confrontation between Paco and Ethan at the book store in which Paco attempted to steal the revolver under the register to kill Ron. Joe admonishes Paco for being dumb but tells him to crash at his apartment. Joe meets up with Lynn and Annika, pretending to be panicked and oblivious to Beck's whereabouts. Annika and Lynn tell Joe about how much Beck loves him, reassuring and validating Joe's feelings.

Joseph "Joe" Goldberg is the main protagonist in the television adaptation of You. He is portrayed by Penn Badgley. Joe is a loner bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with a woman named Guinevere Beck and begins to stalk her to find out everything about her and hopefully make her fall in love with him. However, his obsession soon becomes out of control when he starts trying to control

Joe discovers about the P. hired by the Salinger family. Back in the cage, Beck begs Joe to use a normal restroom rather than the bucket he has provided her, and when he's just about to unlock the cage, he tells Beck that he's unable to, not fully trusting her yet.

Joe visits Claudia in the hospital to ask where Paco is, Joe criticizes Claudia about getting back with Ron, to which Claudia reveals that she has no choice but to stay with Ron as she could lose Paco if she doesn't. Ross the PI confronts Joe after his visit to the hospital. Ross asks Joe questions such as how he knew Peach and if he had ever been to her house in Greenwich. He proceeds to tell Joe that they had found an item that is being tested for DNA, Joe remembering about the jar that he urinated in and forgot back at Peach's house.

The conversation ends with Ross giving Joe his card. When Joe tells Beck about this encounter, he tells her that Ross didn't buy a word he said. Joe and Beck have a conversation in the cage and Beck attempts to act like she loves Joe and is starting to understand why he did the things he did.

Joe rushes back home to save Paco in an altercation with Ron, and stabs Ron in the throat. He orders Paco to clean up the blood stains and he tells Paco their plan to get away with it.

Paco asks if it was right to kill him, to which Joe replies that love is more important than all. Beck is able to convince Joe to let her out by showing him what she has written, which details her affair with Dr. Nicky and implicating him in the crimes Joe committed and telling him they are going to be together. She stabs Joe with the typewriter key. Beck runs upstairs but finds the door locked. She pleads with Paco who hears her screams and comes to the door, but he does not let her out.

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Joe confronts Beck again and she hits him over the head with a mallet and steals his key but isn't able to find the correct key in time, Joe gets back up and strangles Beck to death.

Four months later it is revealed that Joe submitted Beck's posthumously released book the dark face of love. It's revealed that he framed Dr. Nicky for the murder. Joe meets Claudia and Paco as they prepare to move to California. Claudia is puzzled at Ron's sudden disappearance but credits it to Ron's shady lifestyle and Claudia thanks Joe. Joe speaks with Paco and he tells him that he'll miss him, Paco hugs Joe. As Joe is cleaning up the shop, he notices a new girl walking in that gets his attention.

The new girl goes up to Joe, removing her hood and it is revealed that it is Candace, who is still alive. After Joe is stunned by seeing Candace at Mooney's, she asks to continue their conversation in public to discuss their troubled history.

Sitting in a cafe in New York, Joe appears to be in distress, wondering how Candace is alive. Candace fills in some of the missing details, including surviving the night that Joe almost killed her. Further taunting Joe, she states that she is aware of his complicity in Beck's death. Joe becomes increasingly alarmed and later asks her if he can go to the restroom before they continue their discussion. Candace is quick to discern Joe's true intentions, and rushes to the room but Joe has escaped from her grasp.

In retaliation, Candace calls Joe, who picks up and gets a scorned reminder that he can't truly escape from her and that he will eventually get his comeuppance.

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After Joe hangs up and throws his phone to the ground in fury, he takes a taxi to the airport in order to catch a flight to Los Angeles. After arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, Joe notices a public frenzy surrounding the famous stand-up comedian, Henderson. As he passes by, Joe manages to get his luggage from the baggage claim area and proceeds to the city.

Sometime later, Joe encounters Will Bettelheim, a hacker from a Craigslist meeting. As Will suggests to Joe that he cannot fulfil his request to create an untraceable identity in a limited timeframe, Joe kidnaps Will and imprisons him in a plexiglass vault hidden in a storage facility that he rented. Using the kidnapee's name as a pseudonym, Joe secures an apartment and befriends the building manager and neighbor, Delilah Alves and her teenage sister, Ellie Alves.

Later, Joe manages to find Ellie at a rooftop taking videos. Due to being anxious of his true identity being exposed, he demands her to hand over the phone for review.

Joe tries to grab the phone from Ellie, resulting in the phone accidentally slipping from her grasp and falling down the building. She later chastises Joe, stating that she was committing to a filming project for homework. Later, he purchases a new phone for her and apologizes for his earlier behavior. With limited funds, Joe searches for a job in Los Angeles and later, meets Calvin, the manager of a trendy family-owned, health-conscious grocery store, Anavrin for an interview. After persuading Calvin, Joe is hired as a clerk in the book cafe of the store.

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Upon leaving the interview, Joe encounters Love Quinn, a widow and spirited local who works in the kitchen and later, unknowingly meets her troublesome addict-riddled brother, Forty Quinn. Joe tries to talk to him, but is initially met with a sarcastic derision by Forty. Love comforts Joe and mentions that he doesn't have to worry about being fired. Soon after, she tries to make advances on Joe, but he initially resists, citing his contentious history with his previous partner.

Later, Joe ends up at the DMV to acquire an ID card. After meeting with Love at the field office, Love offers to take him on a food tour of the city, including Anavrin, to get to know him. Joe finds himself attracted to the idea and agrees on the plan. Later, Love believes that their encounters are not mere coincidences but attributable to fate. It is later revealed that Joe in many instances manipulated the circumstances to get his job and apartment and secretly orchestrated his encounter with Love, in order to get closer to her.

The next day, Love takes Joe to the fish market and then kisses him. Moments after, he begins to picture Beck. Paranoid at the thought of being haunted by a vision of his deceased ex-girlfriend and terrified of repeating the same mistakes that doomed his previous relationship, he tells Love that he isn't ready to move forward and start a new relationship just yet. Love respects Joe's decision and later invites him to a small brunch with her friends.

Joe bails on the invite and conjures a quick lie, citing that Forty requested his help with some tasks at the store. Later, Joe corresponds with a man named Jr Krenn, who is after the real Will Bettelheim for owing him money without giving adequate documentation and a foolproof alias for disappearing. After Joe manages to secure the funds by selling a fake first-edition book for cash, he finds Jr outside Anavrin.

Jr pins Joe down and severs the tip of one of his fingers. Joe bleeds uncontrollably while Jr explains that if Joe can stop the bleeding, he'll have about 12 hours to get his fingertip reattached.

Prior to leaving, Jr mentions to Joe that he will keep the fingertip in a cooler of ice as ransom. He further adds that he would exchange it with Joe as soon as he receives the funds. Will instructs Joe to go to a house party at San Fernando Valley in order to retrieve the rest of the cash from a man named Rufus. Before heading to the party, Joe rushes to the lunch gathering and spies on Love and her friends: Lucy Sprecher, a Hollywood agent, Sunshine Darshan Cummings, Lucy's partner, and Gabe Miranda, Love's closest confidant, who works as an acupuncturist at his private clinic.

Love later realizes through a conversation with Forty that Joe lied to her. When Joe arrives to the party, he notices a few familiar guests including his neighbor, Delilah, and Henderson, the comedian he saw earlier at the airport. After a short conversation with Delilah and Henderson, Joe tries to locate Rufus.

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After finding Rufus, Joe is met with much dismay as the man he was looking for, offers him a bag of pills instead. Soon after, Rufus mentions that he has been dealing some off-brand Canadian meds to Will for his bipolar disorder.

After discovering the truth, Joe attempts to threaten Will and states that he would gladly hand him over to Jr if he tries to mislead him again.

During the night, Love goes to Joe's apartment and confronts him. As a result of his existing injury, Joe begins to slowly hallucinate and sees a ghost image of Beck again.

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Love questions Joe's intention on canceling her lunch invite and then reveals to him, that she uncovered his lie through talks with her brother Forty. After Love pushes for Joe to open up to her, he quickly freaks out and yells until she later storms out in fury. Afterwards, Joe quickly goes back to the storage facility with the intention of luring Jr there.

After his plan succeeds, he successfully kills him with a knife. During the process of wrapping his body with plastic sheets, he sees another vision of Beck again, this time inside the plexiglass vault. He apologizes to her and then leaves the facility to drive to St. Henry's Medical Center, an after-hours clinic, but not before storing Jr's corpse in the trunk of his car. After Joe's finger is re-attached, thanks to a quick reconstructive surgery from a microsurgeon, Joe travels to Anavrin, in order to dismember Jr by cutting, grinding and then, disposing the remnants of the dead body at a dumpster.

He later travels to Love's place, with the intention of apologizing to her regarding his earlier outburst. After they reconcile and decide to just be friends for the moment, Love attempts to encourage Joe to write a goodbye note to his ex-girlfriend and burn it in a barrel, to close the door on that relationship.

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