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Membership Content. Electrical Accidents 9. Electrical Contractor Shocked an electrical contractor suffered a shock and reportedly caught fire -vworker apparently touched a high-voltage line, but there's no information about just how powerful the shock was - investigators are on the scene. Gilmer schools close after worker dies the sole maintenance man, 47, for the County Schools died while working on a broken heating and air conditioning unit - he was likely was electrocuted sometime in the afternoon. City water worker electrocuted in bucket a man installing new city water wells was electrocuted by a power line - the victim died at the scene, and his name has not been released - the man was in a bucket lift when he apparently touched high-voltage electrical lines. Mature sex match in haverhill ma.

Julio Martinez, 47, of Beaufort suffered burns to his hands and body while working on the air station's 2,volt runway lighting circuit. His co-workers had to perform CPR to keep him alive, said Arlene Mellinger, communications manager for Johnson Controls, the company Martinez worked for. Just one week before, Cpl. Erik S. Hultgren died from electrocution while testing a 1,watt floodlight set on a generator.

A memorial service was held Wednesday at the base. Two of Martinez's co-workers nearby revived Martinez, a former Marine. He was taken to Beaufort Memorial Hospital then moved to Doctor's Hospital Burn Center in Augusta, Ga.

Mellinger said his vital signs were good and he was in critical but stable condition. Officials aren't sure what caused the shock, said air station spokesman Master Sgt. erence Peck, but the accident is being investigated. The incident occurred at about a. Johnson Controls has contracted with the air station for the past five months, working on operations and maintenance, Mellinger said.

Part of the contract includes working on the electricity and heating plant. Peck said there are civilian employees on the base. Johnson Controls has 47 employees on the base, Mellinger said.

Men Die Trying To Rescue Coworker; Crane Came In Contact With Wire A man was electrocuted and two co-workers died trying to save him Thursday when a crane struck an overhead power line at a concrete plant and exploded.

As electricity coursed through the rig, two men rushed to assist its driver, who had been hurled from his cab. One began administering CPR, but the rescue attempt went horribly awry when the second worker touched the still electrified crane, sending a deadly jolt through all three men, authorities said. Other rescuers, terrified that they too would be shocked and killed, then had to stand by until the live wire was shut off by a utility, said George Strickland, general manager of the JDM Materials plant in suburban Philadelphia where the accident took place.

Late Thursday afternoon two of the victims were identified. The crane operator was Robert Forepaugh pictured, left side of picture68, the owner of the demolition company that was subcontracted by JDM Materials.

One of the other workers killed was Forepaugh's nephew, George Frederick pictured, right side of picture I don't know how long it actually took," Strickland said. The a. accident left the crane a smoking ruin. Hours after the disaster, a 7, volt electrical line remained draped over its boom. Strickland said the three worked for a Bensalem company that had been hired to demolish an old structure at the plant.

Witnesses said the crane was backing up when it ran into the wires, Strickland said. Homes across from the construction site were evacuated so people would not enter the area around the electrocution because electricity goes into the ground. About people were without power for about an hour. Power continues to be off at the plant, but is expected to be back Friday.

Gobain Containers late Tuesday morning. The call came in at a. Interstate 35 with East Texas EMS ataccording to the reports. The affected individual was working with an outside contractor; information was unavailable on the nature of that work.

Those were cancelled en route, however, when other workmen on the scene were able to get an elevator in the tower working again. The man was transported to Baylor Medical Center in Waxahachie by East Texas, with the fire department clearing at a. A spokesman for St. Gobain said the worker was treated and released after about four hours at the hospital. The incident is under investigation, she said.

AP - A well-drilling rig hit a high-voltage power line at a construction site, killing a father and son, authorities said.

Martin Schafer, 49, and his year-old son, Benjamin, died in the Friday evening accident at the Mount Pocahontas housing development, according to the Carbon County coroner's office.

Their rig tilted on soft ground, causing it to hit the power line, police said. Colleagues said the hardworking pair were trying to finish a job after working all day. Last year, another man was electrocuted in Carbon County when he tried to pull his dog away from a power line that fell to the ground in Hickory Run State Park.

We Energies employee electrocuted By Last ated: Aug. The accident was reported shortly after 2 p. in the block of W. Oakwood Road, a statement from the Franklin Police Department said, after the victim, a year-old man from Muskego, and two other workers had just set the pole into the ground.

As the crew was lowering the boom on a utility truck, the boom touched a live wire, causing electrical current to run through the boom, the truck and a piece of equipment that was connected to the truck and which the victim was holding, the statement said. Police did not release the man's name. We Energies spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said late Thursday she had no information on the accident, which is under investigation by the utility, the Franklin Police Department, the Milwaukee County medical examiner's office and the U.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Paul Psaila received a fatal electric shock when he touched a piece of metal carrying a volt current from a live electricity cable attached to the garage roof of a suburban Rosanna home unit on February 9, But outside the court, the victim's widow, mother of three daughters Marie Psaila, said she thought the punishment "grossly inadequate, given that what happened cost my darling Paul his life".

Judge Michael Strong in the Victorian County Court said work on installing the cable had been carried out by two qualified and experienced linesmen seven weeks before Mr Psaila died. Insulation on the cable became damaged and a metal bracket "charged with electricity became a death trap". Mr Psaila died when he touched the bracket.

The judge said the two linesmen, who were not charged with any offence, were men of experience and their work involved, or should have involved, checking the connection. There was a need for electricity suppliers to realise that linesmen, however competent and experienced, will occasionally make mistakes with potentially lethal consequences, Justice Strong said.

It was clear that what was lacking was an independent system of inspection, the judge said. AGL was last week convicted by a jury of failing to ensure that people other than its employees were not exposed to health and safety risks. The judge said it would be wrong to impose the maximum sentence because the breaches were not "blatant". After the sentencing, WorkSafe Victoria executive director John Merritt said: "This case supports WorkSafe's proposition that it is practicable to have a system for auditing and inspecting the installation of power cables and that doing these things can save lives.

In this case, the actions of AGL Electricity put others at risk and resulted in a man dying.

Ivy Tech Construction Worker Injured Web Producer: Kerry Corum A construction worker was hurt after cutting through a live electrical wire at Evansville's Ivy Tech State college.

The unidentified worker was taken to the hospital for observation. He works for a Michigan company, and company officials say the injuries are not life threatening. Authorities were told, the man was cutting through wiring in the ceiling of a building that's being rennovated, when the accident occured.

ATE Pearland worker killed while atop power lines By: PATRICK REYNOLDS, Journal Staff August 13, An investigation continues this week into a power-line accident that took the life of a Pearland man a week ago in Webster. Nicholas Garland, 22, a North Houston Pole Co.

employee, was performing routine maintenance on a high voltage line near NASA Road 1 and Sarah Deel about a. The electric charge knocked Garland unconscious. Fire officials said the accident occurred about 75 feet in the air. His co-workers tried to help him until firefighters arrived.

Eddie Havlice with the Webster Fire Department. He was then transported by Life Flight helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials said they are not sure why Garland was electrocuted and are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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WFD requested assistance from the Houston and Forest Bend fire departments when bringing him down from the power pole. Garland is survived by his mother Aida Garland; father Joe Garland, wife Geri; brothers, Nathan Garland and wife Michelle, Joe Garland III and wife Samantha; and nieces and nephews.

Visitation was held Friday from 5 p. to 9 at Corl's Family Funeral Home, Broadway in Pearland. Funeral services took place Saturday at 10 a. in the funeral home chapel. ATE State agency finds electrocution, fire could have been prevented August 11, An electrocution that killed a man working at a western Pennsylvania mine and a fire that burned and smoldered for several weeks inside another mine could have been prevented, the state Department of Environmental Protection said in final reports released Monday.

Christopher St. Clair, 41, of Lisbon, Ohio, was electrocuted June 13 while changing fuses at Mountain Spring Coal Co. Investigators found that the coal company had modified the mine's power substation without the state agency's approval, causing an unsafe working environment, the report said.

Also, the investigation found that mine electrician Numan Lambert and mine foreman and superintendent David Chambers allowed St. Clair to work in an unsafe situation, according to the report. The agency ruled that Lambert and Chas cannot hold their positions in the state for at least a year, when they can reapply. Chambers said his attorney advised him to not comment on the report.

Mine officials and all employees, including Lambert, were advised to not comment, he said. A second DEP investigation found that frictional heat generated by an improperly maintained coal belt likely started a fire that was discovered Jan.

The fire, which burned for about a week and smoldered into February, started in a tunnel used to move miners and machinery along a two-mile block of coal. More than 80 miners were alerted to the fire by carbon monoxide sensors and escaped without injury. Mine officials should have detected that the belt was faulty, the report said. The agency asked Consol to improve its firefighting and inspection techniques before it could reopen the mine. Joe Cerenzia, a spokesman for Consol, said the company disputed the report but declined further comment, citing a possible appeal.

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The man, who is an apprentice with the North Houston Pole Company, was performing general maintenance on a power line on NASA Rd. The line was supposed to be dead, but turned out to be a hot power line, officials said. An apprentice from the North Houston Pole Company was working on a high line. The line was supposed to be dead and grounded - apparently it was not.

The apprentice touched the tower and the wire and was shocked," said Lt. The line carries approximatelyvolts. The crew from the North Houston Pole Company did CPR up in the air, on the high wire, for approximately 20 minutes before he was brought down by a bucket truck. The fire department continued CPR and loaded him into life flight helicopter and was transported to [Memorial] Hermann Hospital in critical condition.

A construction worker helping renovate a movie theater was electrocuted Tuesday. The worker was rushed to Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs shortly after the 1 p. accident, said Lt. Dennis Stewart, a Casselberry Police Department spokesman.

The worker's name was not released. Moments after the accident, a co-worker rushed next door to the Seminole County sheriff's district 5 office looking for help, said Steve Olson, a sheriff's office spokesman. A sheriff's investigator and a sergeant responded, Olson said. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate the incident, Stewart said. com staff Posted a. COVENTRY - Two men were injured this morning while working on high-voltage electric lines, officials said.

The men were upgrading electric service on Hopkins Hill Road for an Amgen plant under construction. They were moving 7,volt electric lines onto new utility poles.

They work for Hawkeye Construction of Patchogue, N. They had been working in the area for about six months. Today was supposed to be their last day on the job. Details of the a. accident are unclear, but one of the men apparently suffered first- and second-degree burns on his face, neck and arms, the Coventry police said.

He was taken by ambulance to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence. Another worker was taken to Kent County Hospital in Warwick. He apparently was not burned but was shaken up by the accident, which apparently involved a flash of fire.

Their names were not available. It is the second serious accident involving high-voltage power lines in less than a week. On Tuesday in West Warwick, two workers were killed and a third was injured when aluminum scaffolding they were carrying came into contact with a 7,volt power line. Electric customers in the area today lost power for about a half hour.

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The accident is being investigated by the Coventry Police Department, the Hopkins Hill Fire District, OSHA and Narragansett Electric. The patient was flown to the hospital with burns over nearly half of his body, WESH NewsChannel 2 reported. He was working on a roof at Russell Aluminum in Sanford Monday morning.

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Fellow workers said he was found hanging from the pole, which was the apparent source of the shock. The man was reportedly alert when rescued. Fertilizer factory supervisor electrocuted by Sandasen Marasinghe A year-old bachelor was electrocuted while working at a Fertilizer factory in Sedawatta.

He was pronounced dead at the Colombo National Hospital last week. The victim was employed as a supervisor in the Fertilizer factory. The fertilizer was produced with recycled garbage.

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The victim worked under an aluminium fittings contractor and had been to the factory to construct some cubicles there. He had taken a long aluminium bar to the upper storey of the factory where it had accidentally touched a loose power line. The victim had screamed and fallen unconscious on the stairs. The others who rushed to the scene had taken him to hospital. But their attempts to revive him proved futile. This was revealed at the inquest held into the death of R.

Arunashantha 23 of Pelatiyawa, Polonnaruwa before the Additional City Coroner M. Ashroff Rumy. Samantha Kumara 19 of Polonnaruwa said in evidence that the deceased was his supervisor and while he was working downstairs the supervisor went upstairs with an aluinium bar in hand. Soon after he witness heard Arunashantha screaming and found him lying on the stairs unconscious. Premaratne 28 of Wattala, an uncle of the victim also gave evidence. The Additional City Coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death due to electrocution.

Evidence was led by Grandpass Police. WEST WARWICK - Two construction workers were killed and a third was severely burned this morning when the metal scaffolding they were carrying came into contact with a 7,volt electrical wire, the police said. The men were working at a three-story house on Pleasant Street when the accident occurred at about 9 a. Jared Gendron, 18, from the Scituate village of Hope, and Thomas Walker, 24, of Coventry were electrocuted, an official at Kent County Hospital said.

The third man was in good condition at the hospital. The men were moving the scaffolding when they apparently lost control of it, police said. It touched the bare, copper wire, which is about 30 feet off the ground and runs parallel to the house.

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Albert A. Giusti Jr. They had been working at the house for the past several weeks, according to neighbors. employees injured in an electrical accident earlier this month has died.

David Bagdasarian, 49, of Shelton, died at Bridgeport Hospital Thursday. Bagdasarian had been burned after he and two other UI employees surveyed electrical equipment in an outdoor cage in a parking lot at Sikorsky Aircraft's factory on Main Street in Stratford. The three men were surveying the equipment in preparation for work they were to do that weekend when an electrical arcing occurred.

Bagdasarian, who was a power deliver cable splicer, is the 10th UI worker to die from an on-the-job injury sincesaid Kevin Moore, a spokesman for the New Haven-based utility. Two other UI employees also were injured in the explosion July Neither hospital emergency nor UI officials have identified the men or commented on the extent of their injuries.

Marysville man electrocuted on the job identified LAKE STEVENS - The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office has released the name of a man who died after being electrocuted at a work site Tuesday afternoon. William Ross, 51, was using a cable to guide a piece of steel to the ground at Concrete Nor'West in the block of 84th Street NE.

The crane lifting the steel hit a high-voltage power line, according to Snohomish County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jan Jorgensen. The Marysville man was taken to Providence Everett Medical Center, where he died a short time later.

The medical examiner's office ruled the death an accident.

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The state Department of Labor and Industries will conduct a standard investigation to determine if the company failed to protect the worker's safety, said department spokeswoman Elaine Fischer. That investigation likely will take two to three months, she said. ET JOHNSTOWN, Pa. AP - A contractor who was replacing lights on top of a foot baseball stadium light tower died of electrocution, authorities determined Thursday. John H. Lill, 72, died Wednesday at the historic Point Stadium in Johnstown, said Jim Zangaglia, Cambria County chief deputy coroner.

The light standard carried 4, volts of electricity. Lill, retired city electrician, was replacing lights in preparation for a baseball tournament at the ballpark when he stopped responding to radio contact, Johnstown Recreation Director Cliff Kitner said. Firefighters climbed the steel tower and found Lill unconscious. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later. Because Lill worked for himself, the U. Occupational Safety and Health Administration won't be participating in the investigation, Zangaglia said.

AP - A damaged electrical cable was responsible for the death of a Massey Energy Co. miner in Raleigh County, federal officials say. Rodney A. Scurlock was electrocuted in Massey subsidiary Performance Coal Co.

Mine Safety and Health Administration said Wednesday. Scurlock, 27, is the sixth West Virginia coal miner to die on the job this year, matching the state's total for all of Scurlock's hometown was not immediately available.

Scurlock, an electrician, was found on his back Saturday near where he was repairing or making a splice in a shuttle car cable, MSHA said. Five other cables and the water line for a continuous mining machine were found on the mine floor, in mud and water, and in contact with another cable. One of those cables contained two damaged places, MSHA said. Five electrocuted in crane accident From correspondents in Beijing 24jul03 FIVE workers died when they were electrocuted as the arm of their mechanical crane grazed high-tension wires in Shijiazhuang in northern China, state media reported today.

The accident occurred yesterday as the workers were moving the crane across a construction site at a cement factory. Five of the workers were electrocuted and the driver was ejected from the seat of the vehicle.

He was taken to hospital where he remains with serious burns. Police sources cited by Xinhua said the cause of the accident is under investigation. Explosion, fire injure worker at Circuit City By Lisa Arsenault seacoastonline. The Portsmouth Fire Department and the state fire marshal are investigating the exact cause of the accident. The year-old man, from Salem, was treated on the scene by paramedics and taken to Portsmouth Regional Hospital. In stable condition, he was later transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was treated for burns on his chest, neck and arms, according to Achilles.

The man was working for TCI Electric Inc. An individual answering the telephone at TCI Electric Inc. declined to comment on the incident or identify the worker. Northeast Circuit City display technician Derek Bonzagni, 23, was the first to find the injured electrician. Bonzagni said the man was working on a circuit breaker in the electrical room to fix "lighting issues" at the store.

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He saw the lights flicker on and off and heard the buzzing of the current after the transformer exploded, he said. I opened up the warehouse and saw the guy laying there all burnt. The store was evacuated immediately and remained closed for the rest of the day. According to Achilles, there was extensive smoke damage throughout the building.

Worker injured in sugar factory blast July 21, A MAN has been taken to hospital with serious injuries today after an explosion at the sugar beet factory at Cantley. Edmund Osborne, 53, received head injuries in the sugar dust explosion which triggered a blaze at the plant which, at its height, was tackled by about 50 firefighters.

Mr Osborne, from Lowestoft, who works for east coast electrical contractor firm LEC Marine, was carrying out work in an electricity substation at the site when the blast occurred. It is thought that the explosion blew apart a wall and that Mr Osborne was struck by falling debris. He was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital but his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

Initial reports to police suggested that more people were missing in the blast, but everyone was eventually accounted for. Two other contractors from the same firm were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation, but did not require hospital treatment. The explosion caused a fire to spread to a conveyor belt on the second floor of the plant in an area close to the silos before moving into the roof area.

The explosion also caused damage to a nearby electricity substation. The plant has its own fire crew and they tackled the blaze before reinforcements from Norfolk Fire Service arrived.

Station Officer Graham Joy, from Norfolk Fire Service, who attended the scene, said: "It would appear there was a dust explosion, which subsequently caused a fire. Fire crews are now damping down, making the building safe. The explosion was fairly large. It seems to have been somewhere within the building but has caused some damage to a substation where it seems to have vented itself out.

Delivery driver Stephen Brown, of Freethorpe, was at the scene when the explosion happened. He was working for TR Transport to deliver sugar to Felixstowe for export. He said: "There was a big bang and I saw flames lapping up the side of the building. I suspect it will be several days before they right was has happened. The Health and Safety Executive has been informed and are to carry out an investigation.

The police and fire services are also to carry out separate investigations. The factory does not start processing sugar beet until the autumn.

During the summer months it undergoes maintenance work. Shock sends worker to hospital By Doug Murphy Staff Writer A workman was shocked and slightly injured while wiring lights at Desert Vista High School around p. Fred Van Aller was working with fluorescent light wiring in the physical education building when he was shocked and fell off a ladder, according to co-worker Dwight Price. Both work for KSK Electric, based in Tempe.

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Van Aller received a burn to his hand and was shaken up in the fall, "but he's talking and breathing and everything," Price said. Phoenix paramedics transported Van Aller to Chandler Regional Hospital for treatment. Belco worker burned in explosion; year-old likely to be flown off the Island By Karen Smith A year-old Belco worker is to be flown off the Island for treatment after suffering severe burns in an industrial accident this morning.

The technician was part of a crew carrying out routine maintenance at the Railway Trail sub-station in Southampton when an explosion ripped through equipment shortly after 9 a. The worker, who has not been named, is thought to have been thrown backwards by the force of the blast and suffered a lacerations to his head and severe burns to his face, neck, arms and legs. His colleagues at the scene were said to be in shock. The worker was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for assessment but was likely to be flown to Boston this afternoon by air ambulance.

As a result of the incident, substantial number of homes in Southampton may be without power for up to 12 hours this afternoon. A Railway Trail resident, who asked not to be named, said: "I was at home and I heard this big bang.

I came running out to see what had happened. He was lying there on his backvery bady burned. He was conscious but he was in shock and he was shaking. She said an investigation is underway into the incident and Belco crews would be working in Southampton for the remainder of the day to restore power.

Dana Lovell said there was now a joint investigation between Belco and Fire officers. He did not get electrocuted. We do not have all the facts at the moment but in due course we will know everything. Around pm, emergency personnel responded to the Ames Department Store in the block of South Military Highway after store personnel lost contact with year old Eric Bean. Bean, of the block of Murry Court in Norfolk, was on the roof of the Ames store repairing the air conditioning.

Rescuers found Bean's body in the store's duct work. While police believe Bean was electrocuted, his body was sent to the Medical Examiner's office to determine the exact cause of death. Bean worked for Technical Services of Chesapeake. Avella steelworker injured in W.

accident A steelworker from Avella was injured Wednesday when he came into contact with a high-voltage line while working at the Weirton Steel Corp. plant in Weirton, W. The man is in his early 40s.

His name was not released by the company. He was taken by the plant's emergency squad to Weirton Medical Center and then flown to Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, said company spokesman Greg Warren. He suffered burns, although Warren could not give his condition. The accident occurred at a.

when the worker was on a ladder in the sheet mill. He came into contact with a 23,volt line and fell about 8 feet. Warren said the man was conscious and the plant emergency squad arrived within one minute. The company doctor was on the scene within four minutes. The accident is under investigation by the corporate safety department.

Warren said the company was not required to report the accident to the U. Electrical Accidents 7. AP - A year-old Michigan State University student has died after he hit his ladder against a primary power line while he was painting a house in Eaton County. Brad Hilberg of Alpena was electrocuted Tuesday when he tried to remove the aluminum ladder from against the house and lower it.

The ladder was 25 feet in the air when it struck the 4,volt power line about a. Hilberg was taken to St. Lawrence Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Hilberg, who worked for College Works Painting, was painting the home with another student.

His co-worker, who witnessed the incident, was not injured, police said. Thomas Hilberg, Brad's father, said his son painted houses to earn extra money to attend Michigan State, where he was a junior majoring in civil engineering. Brad Hilberg played hockey, football and baseball in high school, and was a big fan of the band Phish, jazz and easy listening usic, Thomas Hilberg said.

Area man electrocuted in accident By Tribune Staff A longtime area businessman died Saturday while trying to repair a pivot irrigation system. Dale G. Freund, 55, of Fremont was pronounced dead at Fremont Area Medical Center. The death was an apparent accidental electrocution, said Dodge County Attorney Paul Vaughan. Freund was on the irrigation system tower working on a control when his son, Travis, saw a bright flash, Vaughan said.

A passerby stopped to help. Freund was transported to FAMC by the North Bend rescue squad, Vaughan said. The Dodge County Sheriff's Department received the report at p. and arrived after Freud had been taken to the hospital. Freund was the owner of Mid-Continent Irrigation Co. in Fremont. He was called to repair a center pivot system in North Bend, approximately one-fourth mile north of County Road R. Freund purchased Mid-Continent Irrigation inwhich is a Valley irrigation sales and service company.

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Freund was a graduate of Fremont High School. The funeral was at a. today at First Lutheran Church in Fremont. Man burned as drill hits power vault By STAFF WRITER ALAMEDA - A subcontractor who accidentally drilled into a power vault at Alameda Point sustained critical third-degree burns Tuesday morning, Alameda officials said.

The Stockton man was airlifted to Eden Valley Medical Center in Castro Valley and later transferred to the burn unit at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition Tuesday night, city officials said. The year-old man, whose name wasn't released, was severely burned on both hands, on at least one side of his body, and on one foot. Witnesses started CPR, and an emergency helicopter arrived within five minutes of the accident, Jones said. Charles Sanford, owner of Charles B.

Sanford Construction, said his employee accidentally drilled into a kilovolt primary distribution circuit serving the area. He was trenching to install telephone equipment, city officials said. The worker started work with Charles B. Sanford Construction in Winton on Monday, Sanford said. Sanford said he is a friend of his sons. on West Ranger Avenue.

The distribution circuit was installed initially by the U. Navy to serve portions of the former Alameda Naval Air Station. Sanford Construction is a subcontractor to Mobile Modular. The company is retained to install temporary facilities to house a Head Start project being run by the Alameda Point Collaborative. The incident resulted in an electrical outage to approximately customers.

AP - A welder was apparently electrocuted while working on a metal balcony at a construction site, authorities said. Javier Gonzales, 37, of Norcross, Ga. Keith Faulk, an Alachua County Sheriff's Office spokesman. Workers told authorities that Gonzales, an employee of Allen Steel Products of Arlington, Tenn. A co-worker said he left Gonzales to retrieve some material and returned to find him unconscious and not breathing.

Workers performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation until emergency medical workers arrived. Although detectives are awaiting the results of an autopsy, authorities believe he was electrocuted by the welding machine, Faulk said.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating, Faulk said. Associated Press Fire breaks out at energy plant Council Bluffs firefighters were called to an electrical fire at Mid American Energy's Council Bluffs Energy Center late Sunday morning. Fire Inspector Bob Caughey of the Council Bluffs Fire Marshal's Office said the fire occurred in some breaker panels in the plant around a. The fire was quickly contained but three crews remained on the scene until 1 p.

to secure the area and begin the investigation process. No injuries were reported in the fire. Caughey also said power was rediverted so that no outages would occur.

The cause of the fire and extent of the damage is still under investigation by the Fire Marshal's Office, the city electrical inspector and Mid American Energy officials.

Three UI workers injured in Sikorsky transformer mishap By SARAH W. worker in critical condition and two others hospitalized, and sent investigators scurrying to discover what caused the accident. UI spokesman Kevin Moore said the three utility workers sustained serious injuries when a lightning arrestor on a transformer caused a flash arc to strike the workers.

as the workers were assessing tasks that were supposed to be done on the transformer this weekend, he said. A lightning arrestor is a piece of equipment that channels electrical surges into the ground to prevent other equipment, such transformers, from being damaged.

Harvey Maxwell. Sikorsky Aircraft spokeswoman Sheena Steiner said the explosion did not interrupt any electric flow to the plant or stop work there. According to OSHA records, the last time the agency investigated an accident at the company occurred in August That was one of six accident investigations that OSHA conducted at UI between January and August ATE Second ESB worker dies after accident July 11, The ESB has said the death of a second staff member following the accident at Tarbert Power Station in Co Kerry last week has come as a devastating blow for staff and the company.

Michael Healy, 49, from Tieraclea, Tarbert, died yesterday evening at Cork University Hospital, where he was being treated for burn injuries. A married man with four sons, he was an electrical instrumentation supervisor at the power station. The chairman of the ESB, Mr Tadhg O'Donoghue, and the Chief Executive, Padraig MacManus, expressed their profound sympathy to Mr Healy's family and friends. Huston Street, Barberton. But I haven't been able to get any answer. James Krivanek who I believe is another owner, is atI haven't reached him Ronald C.

Krivanek, 48, of Coachman Court in Brecksville, was pronounced dead at p. in the emergency room of Barberton Citizens Hospital, according to the Summit County Medical Examiner's office. The death was ruled accidental. There was no answer at the steel plant on Saturday.

A woman at the home of James Krivanek III, Ronald's brother, declined to comment. Barberton police Chief Mike Kallai said workers heard a loud pop and then saw Krivanek lying against the insidef the fence surrounding a power substation on the property.

Krivanek was inspecting the substation after workers informed him they weren't getting enough power, said Kallai, who was unable to provide more details.

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Jill Skapin, spokeswoman for the medical examiner, said it appeared a transformer might have blown. Art Graham, a dispatcher for FirstEnergy, said the company supplies about 12, volts of electricity to the substation at Krivanek's company. Kallai said Saturday there wasn't much for the police department to investigate and that he expected FirstEnergy would be assisting the company in determining what went wrong.

The accident occurred around p. News in brief from eastern Pennsylvania SCRANTON, Pa. AP - The Lackawanna County coroner ruled that the death of a worker electrocuted at a Moosic factory was accidental.

William Edwards, 50, of Clarks Summit was a maintenance worker at Compression Polymers Group. Coroner Joseph Brennan said he died Wednesday evening and his body was found early Thursday. Scranton Fire Chief Thomas Davis said a co-worker found Edwards' body in a pool of water, leaning against a large electrical box. Company officials declined to comment. Blaze breaks out at digger factory Jul 11,A paint shop at Staffordshire digger makers JCB was severely damaged today when a blaze broke out in an electrical transformer.

Production at the firm's world headquarters, in Rocester, was halted for around two-and-a-half hours after the fire broke at around 8am.

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All 1, employees were evacuated while firefighters from across the county tackled the blaze in the workshop, used to paint hydraulic rams for diggers.

Up to 80 firefighters fought the blaze and took around 30 minutes to get it under control. Staff were allowed back into the plant at around 9. AP - A worker was electrocuted while repairing a refrigerator in an attic crawl space of the ConAgra Foods plant in Montgomery.

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Police said David Safley, 42, of Montgomery was found by co-workers around 7 p. He was revived by paramedics but was pronounced dead at p. at Baptist Hospital South. ConAgra spokesman Bob McKeon said details of the accident are being investigated by the company. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration also is investigating the workplace death. Safley was working as part of a night maintenance crew when the accident occurred while he worked on a malfunctioning refrigerator.

Police said the plant supervisor reported that Safley was in an attic crawl space when the accident occurred. Safley because he was a valued employee and an important member of the ConAgra Foods team," McKeon said.

The death comes slightly more than a year after Elliot Munoz, 21, a contract worker at the ConAgra plant, had his legs severed in a large meat grinder on June 23, UEDCL to Probe Deaths July 8, Kampala THE Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited UEDCL yesterday set up a committee to probe the circumstances under which one of its workers was electrocuted while fixing a faulty power line, reports Geoffrey Kamali.

The deceased, Salim Lubega, was fixing a KV high voltage line in Kajansi, on the Kampala-Entebbe highway, when current was suddenly switched on. It killed him instantly. The incident brings to two the deaths in two months. Another linesman was recently killed while fixing a faulty line near Kalerwe market in Kampala. Another man, Joseph Mbabali alias Makanika, earlier reported dead, is still admitted in the Intensive Care Unit at Rubaga Hospital while a third, whose identity is yet to be established, was discharged.

The committee is headed by Robert Mubiru, the Kampala area customer relations manager and comprises other engineers, Mubiru said yesterday. Two workers, based at Najjanankumbi power station, were yesterday questioned by Police in Katwe over the incident. Lubega's relatives picked his body from the city mortuary yesterday and took it to his home in Lyantonde, Rakai district. Mubiru said, "The committee will look at the incident and how the events occurred.

We don't even know whether power had been switched off at the time they climbed the power poles. We are going for burial. Meanwhile, someone must explain why power was switched on when it must be off before the linesmen get to work," said John Otto, a UEDCL worker. John Clay worked in construction, his friends say he could fix or build almost anything.

So seeing Clay die during a fix-it project was a complete surprise. Storms knocked out power to the area during the holiday, so year-old Clay and his friend, Roger Lucas, had a plan to re-trip the circuit breaker.

They used a Hi-lo to work on the breaker box, 30 feet in the air. Clay used a metal rod to knock it into place, the shock shot him all the way to the ground. Clay was later pronounced dead on scene by paramedics. Friends say Clay had confidence to do anything. He figured they could fix the problem beforde the power company. Clay was from Switzerland. He had a reunion planned with his family whom he had not seen in decades.

They were notified of the news on the fourth.

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Man dies in hydro wire accident east of city By BRIAN KELLY, The Sault Star Monday, July 07, - Local News - A Midland, Ont. John Franklin Stephens, 29, was a member of a K-Line Contracting crew doing planned maintenance work on Cloudslee Road in Plummer Township northeast of the community.

The road is about two kilometres from Highway Stephens was working on an overhead distribution line from an elevated bucket when the accident occurred shortly after noon Saturday. John Lewis of the East Algoma detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police. Fellow workers applied first aid to Stephens. He was transported to Thessalon Hospital where he was pronounced dead at p. No foul play is suspected. A Ministry of Labour investigation continued on Sunday.

The Stouffville, Ont. While the accident continues to be investigated, Osmars also declined to say how long company employees had been working in the area or how many GLP customers in Bruce Mines were without power until about p. Power was off for almost 12 hours while the OPP and Ministry of Labour investigated the accident scene.

Inin Sault Ste. Marie, Lewis Wheelan sustained major high-voltage electrical burns to to 60 -per-cent of his body when a tree crashed into a power line and injured him. The Sir Jmes Dunn collegiate graduate was a summer worker with Neat Site Vegetation.

The company was under contract to GLP to cut trees and clear brush near a hydro distribution line. Wheelan lost his right arm, both legs and the middle finger on his left hand.

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In March, Neat Site Vegetation owner Michael Piccolo pleaded guilty to two charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The man died while working on power lines in the Mill Road area of Annalong. The North's electricity company said it had launched an internal inquiry into the death and vowed to work with police and health and safety officials to determine the details of the incident.

Montgomery Plant Worker Electrocuted Reported by Keysha Perry A man is dead after being electrocuted at the ConAgra Foods Plant in Montgomery. The accident happened just a few minutes after Tuesday night. Police investigators say 42 year old David Safley was working at the plant when an industrial accident caused his death. Co-workers noticed something went wrong and called police. Medics tried to revive Safley on the scene but he later died at Baptist Hospital South.

OSHA is now investigating to find more answers in the accident. Worker injured in ESB accident dies in hospital online. ie 04 Jul A year-old ESB worker has died in hospital from injuries received in an explosion at a power plant in Co Kerry yesterday afternoon.

Three workers were injured in the blast in a switch-gear room at Tarbert generating station. Two of them were taken to the burns unit in Cork University Hospital, where one of them, Pat McCroghan, died this morning. The second man remains in a critical condition, while the third casualty is in a stable condition in Tralee General Hospital. The ESB is investigating the cause of the accident and has promised to co-operate fully with the Health and Safety Authority.

The company has also expressed its sympathy to Mr McCroghan's family. Andrew McMillan was declared dead Tuesday afternoon at Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick, said Lt. Chris Lewis of the Topsham Police Department. McMillan was working as a painter with two other employees of College Pro Painters at a home at 16 Elm St. at the time of the accident, which was reported at p. The other co-worker who was carrying the ladder, Brett Dumont, was taken by ambulance to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Lewis said Dumont was in stable condition. According to Lewis, Dumont and McMillan were moving a foot ladder when it appeared they lost their balance and the ladder came into contact with power lines that run parallel to the side of the residence, Lewis said.

The third worker was not injured. Central Maine Power Co. officials said the power line had about 7, volts running through it, Lewis said. Investigations can take one to two weeks. Representatives of Central Maine Power Co. were also called to the scene. ATE Lineman from Connecticut dies in Massachusetts accident Rehoboth, Mass. Forty-four-year-old Walter Shaw had been as injured after his crew's equipment contacted live power lines in Rehoboth, Massachusetts on Monday.

He died yesterday. A co-worker of Shaw's from Maine died on Monday. The men were part of a crew doing maintenance work on high-tension lines when a crossbeam they were attempting to install accidentally contacted a thousand volt line. Scot Richard McBride, whose wife is expecting their first child, was working near Birmingham when the 25,volt blast hit him. The year-old, originally from Drongan in Ayrshire, was working on new overhead lines at Marston Green Railway Station when the accident happened at around 1.

He suffered severe burns after electricity arced from one of the existing power lines and hit him. He was rushed to the Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham before being taken to the special burns unit at Selly Oak Hospital.

Last night, doctors there described his condition as "critical but stable". Richard and his wife Nicola Anne, 29, whom he married in Prestwick three years ago, had just moved into a new home in Rugby, Warwickshire. Last night, she said: "Richard is still critical but stable. He's OK. I've been by his side since the accident happened.

I'm really tired. A spokesman for the firm said: "We have an excellent safety record and all staff are given training. I've heard he suffered up to 45 per cent burns. A Network Rail spokeswoman said: "Electricity can arc and it looks like this might have happened.

The year-old Taupo man, employed by Electrix, was working inside the Wairakei substation when the accident occurred around 11am yesterday. He was knocked unconscious when power surged through one of his hands and out the other, leaving him with a hole in one palm and serious burns. Mr Eagleson said such accidents rarely occurred. He would not comment on whether the man was lucky to be alive after being struck byvolts, but pointed out that most power lines in residential areas carried only 11, volts.

The Tranz Rail rescue helicopter flew the man to Rotorua Hospital. He was said to be recovering well last night. Transpower and Occupational Safety and Health are investigating.

The workers were attending to power lines on Baker Road when the accident happened about p. News Channel 10's Mario Hilario reported that the workers were employed by a contractor for National Grid, the parent company of Massachusetts Electric. An official said a boom on one of the workers' trucks came in contact with the ,volt line. Two of the workers were sent to Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, two more went to Morton Hospital in Taunton and the fifth went to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence.

Two were in critical condition and two were in stable condition Monday night. They were being treated for burns, Hilario reported.

The state police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were called in to investigate. Hilario reported that the accident had no impact on power to homes or businesses.

Details Parent Category: Incident Alert Archives Category: Electrical Accidents Published: 03 September Electrical Accidents #9. This page was last ated on 05/06/ Electrical Contractor Shocked (an electrical contractor suffered a shock and reportedly caught fire -vworker apparently touched a high-voltage line, but there's no information about just how powerful the shock Christchurch adult classifieds, escorts and call girls listings. Browse ads for genuine and beautiful escorts in the garden city. New independent services added daily for the Christchurch, from the CBD to North Canterbury, Selwyn and the Banks Peninsula, including for

Substation blast cuts off power to 6, By MOLLY MOORHEAD, Times Staff Writer St. Petersburg Times June 30, WESLEY CHAPEL - A small explosion at an electrical substation Sunday morning injured one worker and interrupted power to about 6, customers. Progress Energy Florida employees were installing new equipment at the substation 2 miles west of Interstate 75 on State Road 54 at a.

when a "very small, contained explosion" occurred, spokesman Aaron Perlut said. Perlut did not release the name of the employee, but said his injuries were not life threatening. Pasco County Fire Rescue officials said the man was taken to a hospital in a helicopter. Ernie Holzhauer - spokesman for Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, which owns the substation - said 6, customers in the Wesley Chapel area experienced an outage.

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